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Electron Fiddle: A playful Electron laboratory

Jane Elizabeth
Electron Fiddle
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You know what Electron developers are missing? A coding sandbox where developers can play around and experiment with problems. Introducing Electron Fiddle, a coding laboratory designed to support your SCIENCE! needs.

Sometimes, the best way to learn a technology is to fool around with it in an open sandbox. These kinds of code playgrounds give developers the opportunity to make mistakes and learn new functionalities to their tools without high stakes. Now, this is possible for Electron developers with Electron Fiddle, a playful laboratory for developers to mess around.

Experimenting is easier than ever with Electron Fiddle! It lets developers fiddle with various templates and preset options to find the best version of Electron they want to run with. These little experiments can be saved and later exported to GitHub for other developers to try out. After all, replicability is an important part of the scientific method.

What can you do in Electron Fiddle?

Like any good sandbox, you can do all sorts of fun things. The basic Explore Electron feature gives developers the opportunity to try Electron without downloading any dependencies. This even includes examples for any and every API available, making Fiddle a great choice if you just want to get a feel how the whole system works.

Fiddle comes with Monaco Editor straight out of the box. (If this editor sounds familiar, it’s because Monaco is the same editor that runs Visual Studio Code!) Fiddle also comes with type definitions out of the box.

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Of course, Electron Fiddle also comes with a compiler of sorts. electron-forge lets developers turn experiments into binaries that can be shared with anyone.

Fair warning: Fiddle is not a full-blown IDE. It’s just a starting point. So, once your project is ready for the big leagues, export it with or without electron-forge. Then, you can use any IDE you’d like to develop it even further.

Getting Electron Fiddle

Electron Fiddle is available as a download through GitHub.  It works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. That being said, it is currently under active development, so do keep an eye out for bugs and other issues. Volunteers and bug spotters are welcome!

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