EGit Migration To Be an Eclipse Requirement?


EGit, the Eclipse tooling for the JGit Java implementation of Git, may still be in incubation, but version 1.0 is scheduled for release in the second quarter of this year, and some members of Eclipse are so eager to get the community using EGit, that they are proposing forcing migration.

“(We should) require all projects to move off CVS and SVN before they release next year,” states David Carver member of the Eclipse Architecture Council, and a committer on the Web Tools Platform Source Editing project, in a blog post.

He acknowledges that this heavy-handed approach won’t make him popular, but his reasoning is that if Eclipse users don’t have a deadline, then there is no incentive for them to leave their comfort zone and try out EGit. The alternative, to maintain three version control systems, is not a viable option in Carver’s mind, and would put unnecessary stress on the Eclipse network engineers.

He also proposes making migration to EGit a requirement if a project is to be included in next year’s release train; and that e4, Eclipse Platform, JDT, PDE, Modeling, CDT, and Web Tools Platforms should start the migration process early, due to their size and popularity. He is also calling for all build systems to have EGit support by next year. In reality, this would mean tinkering with Athena, Buckminster, B3, Maven/Tych, PDE Build, and the eclipse base builder, to make them compatible with EGit.

Carver seems to be aware that full migration to EGit is a considerable task, but he is hopeful, concluding that “the eclipse community comes together when it is in the common interest, what could be more common than making dvcs as easy as possible for an Eclipse developer/committer to use? “

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