Eclipse 4.0 M6

Eclipse SDK 4.0 Early Adopter Release

Jessica Thornsby

Eclipse split e4 1.0 into two components for latest release.

Eclipse 4.0 Milestone 6 is now available.

With this release, e4 1.0 has been split into two components. The first, consists of graduating components merged with the existing Eclipse platform to produce the Eclipse SDK 4.0 Early Adopter Release. The second, consists of incubating components, including new versions of components from last year’s incubator release.

In this milestone, an early implementation of perspective switching is now available, and a pre-processing mechanism has been introduced to XWT. The e4 Visual Design Editor now features a new search operation in Visual design view and Hierarchical outline view.

The Model Editor now comes with integration in the different flavours of the Eclipse Platform, including Eclipse 3.6 SDK and “Native” e4-Application.

Please see the New & Noteworthy for more information on the new features.


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