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Eclipse Release Train nears destination Juno

Chris Mayer

Community called upon to name Juno+1. Kepler? Krypton? Koala?

It’s an annual tradition – Eclipse’s huge release train comes rolling by once a year. This June saw a blockbuster package for Java developers with Eclipse Indigo, which the Eclipse Foundation executive director Mike Milinkovich dubbed the biggest release ‘in quite a few years’ probably through due to the anticipation leading up to Java 7’s July release.

But in typical Eclipse spirit, the focus has now shifted to 2012 and the projects that will form Juno. Wayne Beaton revealed the full list this week on the Eclipse website, preliminarily comprising of 54 projects ranging from modelling project Acceleo to GUI builder WindowBuilder

There’s some exciting stuff within that list, including some debuting projects including –

  • Code Recommenders which supports developers in creating new APIs and then re-integrates them back into the IDE – thus making IDE’s more intelligent
  • EMF Query2 - facilitates the process of search and retrieval of EMF model elements
  • Intent - tools for writing useful and synchronised documentation
  • Orion - a browser-based open tool integration platform which is entirely focused on developing for the web, in the web. Currently in the Incubator
  • Sapphire - a UI without wiring individual widgets

The list isn’t complete yet either and could quite easily surpass Indigo’s 62. With so much on offer to the Eclipse community, the anticipation could reach fever pitch for Juno as the quantity increases – as we know the quality will as well.

Yet within days of Juno’s unveiling, the focus switched towards 2013’s release, currently called Juno+1. Chris Aniszczyk issued a call to arms for the community to vote on the name, with preferences being given to names beginning with ‘K’ and ideally following the institution of celestial/god/scientist themed naming system of old.

We’ve had the following already:

  • Callisto, 2006 (3.2)
  • Europe, 2007 (3.3)
  • Ganymede 2008 (3.4)
  • Galileo 2009 (3.5)
  • Helios 2010 (3.6, 4.0)
  • Indigo 2011 (3.7, 4.1)
  • Juno 2012 (3.8, 4.2)

Names suggested for Juno+1 include – Kepler (topical), Koala, Kirk, Kuiper, Krakatoa, Kosmos, Kelvin, Kinetic, Krypton, Knuth, Kapteyn, Kahn (probably not for the German goalkeeper). If you believe you can do better than those options, you have until January 1st to submit your suggestion, before a poll opens on the 6th. We’ll find out the name at the end of January – let’s hope it isn’t Krispy Kreme as someone suggested!

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