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Eclipse Project Virgo Approved


The Eclipse Virgo Project has passed project creation review and is now awaiting provisioning.

Eclipse Virgo will become the next version of SpringSource dm Server, which recently released version 2.0. The renaming process will also see the project move from the GPL 3.0 license, to a new Eclipse Virgo EPL 1.0 license, in an effort to open the codebase to a much broader set of users and developers and encourage closer collaboration with the OSGi community at Eclipse.org.

All of the dm Server project hosting, home pages, forums, and downloads will now be moved to Eclipse.org The dm Server is already tightly integrated with the Eclipse Equinox reference implementation of the OSGi Service Platform, and the dm Server development tools are all Eclipse-based.

The Virgo Project Proposal is still available at Eclipse.org

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