Gartner's Mark Driver on Orion

Eclipse Orion “Eclipse the next Generation”?

Jessica Thornsby

Gartner’s Mark Driver has posted his thoughts on the Orion project.

Gartner’s Mark Driver has posted his thoughts about the Eclipse Orion project. He envisions Orion creating a community in its own right, with a focus on the cloud and web, but believes that Orion and Eclipse will inevitably merge over time “at least to a moderate degree,” perhaps when the Orion community begins requesting support for Java. Driver is hoping for some form of plugin interoperability to develop over time, to reduce overlap and duplicate projects between Eclipse and Orion. He also points out that, unlike the original Eclipse platform, which was developed internally by IBM, Eclipse seems to intend Orion to be a community effort from the get-go. This could trigger a quicker uptake and community commitment.

“There is a wide range of potential outcomes for Orion over time. In a grand scope, we could see Orion become ‘Eclipse the next generation,” he concludes, although he makes it clear this will require a big commitment from the community.