Sigasi HDT

Eclipse Hardware Plugin

Jessica Thornsby

Integrated Design Environments tend to be more popular in the software world than the hardware world. Despite this, electronic design automation company Sigasi, have just released a commercial VHSIC hardware description language (VHDL) plugin for Eclipse.

Sigasi HDT is a development environment for hardware designers. It contains a VHDL parser and compiler that runs in the background. Sigasi HDT gives the developer the ability to navigate to VHDL objects in the design by selecting it in a hierarchical view, and assists in completing VHDL constructs.

“Until now, Sigasi HDT was only distributed as a standalone application, which is ideal for customers without Eclipse experience that want a solution that works out of the box,” said Hendrik Eeckhaut, Sigasi’s CTO. “The plugin version will be attractive to existing Eclipse users that would like to enhance enhance their existing installation with support for hardware design.”

Sigasi HDT is available as both a standalone application, and as an Eclipse plugin. Sigasi HDT is priced at €499.


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