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Eclipse Code Recommenders 0.3 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, beta of Play! on Heroku, and Disruptor reaches 2.0.

Eclipse Code Recommenders 0.3 Released

Version 0.3 of Eclipse Code Recommenders, has been released. In version 0.3, models are downloaded automatically from the website as needed, whereas previously they shipped on installation – thus, the download size is reduced. Code completion based on subwords matching and an integrated documentation platform, ExtDoc, have also been added for the 0.3 release. Moving forward, there is a student project that aims to enable developers to build their own models for libraries, and this feature may be ready for the 0.4 release of Code Recommenders.

Code Recommenders is a project that aims to provide tools for automatically analysing large code repositories, and extracting and integrating data into a context-sensitive IDE.


Heroku Announce Play! On Cedar and Heroku

The Heroku team have followed up the announcement that Java is now the fourth official language available on the Cedar stack, with the news that Play! on Heroku is now in public beta. Play! is a Java web framework where apps are deployed, and not packaged and distributed. It uses the Netty non-blocking I/O protocol library. More information on the support, is available at the Getting Started with Play on Heroku/Cedar article.


New Release of Disruptor Concurrent Programming Framework

The Disruptor concurrent programming framework, has reached version 2.0. This release adds a new API to reflect naming changes, and the ProducerBarrier has been incorporated into the RingBuffer. DisruptorWizard has also been integrated, to aid with API dependency graph construction. The sequence tracking has been reworked to avoid false sharing on Java 7. The framework can be downloaded now from Google Code.

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