Eclipse Board Election Nominee Proposes Complete Install Story


CEO of Tasktop Technologies and lead of the Eclipse Mylyn project Mik Kersten has blogged about his vision for the Eclipse Foundation. Kersten is currently running as a sustaining member representative in the Eclipse Foundation Board Elections.

His first proposal, is to focus on improving the Eclipse install story. “If you release a cool tool and nobody can find or install it, does it still make a sound?” Kersten asks in a previous blog “Not if the sound that you’re after is the roar of broad adoption.” In the same blog, he proposes linking the Eclipse Plug-in Central site to the install story. He cites several instances where the install story is directly connected to the extensions web portal – Apple’s app store, iPhone apps, Firefox add-ons – and concludes that “when install technology, modularity mechanisms, and incentive structure line up” it results in economic growth. It’s difficult not to see how a seamless installation process could benefit Eclipse. In his opinion, the Eclipse ecosystem is currently severely hampered by the difficulty of discovery and installing integrations.

His second idea, is to lower the barrier for directly participating with Eclipse projects. Providing members with better access to the collaboration and contributor community would, in Kersten’s opinion “make Eclipse a great open source ecosystem.” He cites his work on the Eclipse Mylyn project as providing him with the necessary experience to implement this part of his plan.

Voting for Board Candidates ends March 12, 2010 at 3pm Eastern time.

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