Edging nearer to the full release train

Eclipse 3.8 & 4.2 M6 Juno lands

Chris Mayer

A dose of UI improvements for Eclipse’s release train Juno, set to arrive in June. We’re on the home straight now.

As everyone queued and clamoured over the iPad 3 on Friday, a big milestone went under the radar slightly. Eclipse Juno (3.8 & 4.2) M6 arrived bang on time, seven weeks after the last milestone, bringing with it some cool new features.

Equinox, the OSGi framework, finally implements the draft OSGi Core Release 5 (R5) specification, ahead of its draft enterprise release next week with a full version soon after. The p2 publisher within Equinox can now publish negation requirements.

There’s also been updates to the Eclipse platform itself. The SWT browser now supports embedding XULRunner 10.0.x and a context menu trigger. A bit of colour has been added to the SWT with the ability to set custom colors in Color Chooser Dialog.

A number of tweaks have been made for Java Development Tools (JDT), such as being able to selectively ignore warnings on certain source folders (see below) and the addition of CamelCase in Quick Outline. You can also expect improved messages for null analysis problems.

On the plugin side of things, the PDE has been enhanced too with a heavy overhaul of the Extensions tab of the Plug-In editor.

For all that lies within Milestone 6, check out the New and Noteworthy section, where you’ll also find summaries for previous builds. We’re into the home straight now for Eclipse 3.8/4.2 Juno, with one milestone left (M7 on May 4th) before a rapid Release Candidate stage. Then Juno in June. 

Many of the Eclipse community are descending upon EclipseCon next week, where you can expect more news of the work going into Juno. This milestone devotes a lot of time to UI stuff, meaning the final gloss can’t be far away with the last milestone normally being used to focus on stability and performance. We’re excited to see the full thing now.

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