eBPM: New Eclipse-based OSGi Deployment And Management Project


EBPM has been proposed as an open source project under the Eclipse SOA Top-Level Project.

The eBPM project aims to provide both runtime and support tools to realise a complete BPM solution for OSGi, and to aid the deployment and management of OSGi declarative services. The eBPM project will achieve its goals in a two-pronged attack. Firstly, it proposes providing a BPM Gateway Bundle into the OSGi container to realise the orchestration of other services. It will also embed the OSGi runtime in an external BPM Engine, and extend this to access services provided by the container.

In addition to this, the eBPM proposal includes a console for management and monitoring activities.

In terms of providing runtime services, the eBPM project will implement a set of bundles that leverage the capabilities of OSGi Declarative Services, called the eBPM Core framework. This framework will be built on top of Equinox runtime project. The project will also provide extensions towards the Apache ODE engine to enable the embedding of Equinox and eBPM core services in the BPEL engine. The eBPM team will provide a set of standard connectivity and business services built on top of eBPM core framework. In terms of connectivity services, one of the project goals is to collaborate with the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF) runtime project and with Swordfish based connectors.

The eBPM committers are aiming to complete a first Release Candidate, in July 2010. A 0.7 version will follow in August.

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