e4 Editor

Early Release of e4 Tooling Workbench Editor

Jessica Thornsby

Tom Schindl has announced that the upcoming tooling support for e4 is now part of the e4-SDK. He then goes on to describe some of the new features developers can take advantage of. These include a hierarchical view with updated grouping, and support for Class-Lookups in the workspace. Standalone Mode is now a native e4 Application.

This new Tooling Workbench Editor is built on EMF Databinding, Eclipse Databinding and EMF-Edit. It consists of three bundles. One, holds the main Editor-UI but doesn’t deal with integration into an application; another holds an e4 Application and integrates the Editor-UI; and the third holds an EditorPart which holds the Editor-UI.

This is very much a work-in-progress and Schindl is soliciting feedback on this early release.