Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Early Access release of JDK 9 available

Anna Job

In a JavaOne keynote Mark Reinhold and Brian Goetz announced an early release of JDK 9.

At JavaOne, Oracle announced the Early Access release of JDK 9. The big news was delivered in a keynote by Mark Reinhold and Brian Goetz and as we previously reported, they did not give many details regarding the release or enlighten us about anything beyond JDK 9.

JDK 9 : What’s New

JDK 9 does not contain many groundbreaking changes and is more evolutionary than revolutionary in nature. However, the changes should contribute to the greater stability of future Java updates. The biggest changes so far are in the areas of modularisation, performance, stability and portability.

The modularisation of the source code in Project Jigsaw is the most noteworthy change. A new API called Process API will also be included in the update and as reported, developers will also be glad of the Light-Weight JSON API (JEP 198) that will be implemented in the Java Compact Profile and in Java ME.

Watch the full keynote here:

Anna Job
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