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DevOps – The State of the Union

JAXenter Editorial Team
John Willis at DevOpsCon 2015

In the opening keynote at the DevOps Conference 2015 in Munich, John Willis from Docker provides an inventory of the DevOps movement from its beginnings in 2008/2009 up until the most recent DevOps Survey.

In this presentation John Willis (Docker Inc.) covers the current state of the DevOps movement as presented by one of the original “Core Organisers” of the movement. The presentation will look at some of the taxonomies that have been used to describe DevOps such as CAMS and ICE. He also looks at the recent 2015 DevOps Survey and end with a discussion about how DevOps is being adopted in the enterprise.

John Willis has worked in the IT management industry for more than 35 years. Currently he is an Evangelist at Docker Inc. Prior to Docker, Willis was the VP of Solutions for Socketplane (sold to Docker) and Enstratius (sold to Dell). Prior to to Socketplane and Enstratius, Willis was the VP of Training & Services at Opscode where he formalised the training, evangelism, and professional services functions at the firm. Willis also founded Gulf Breeze Software, an award winning IBM business partner, which specialises in deploying Tivoli technology for the enterprise.

Willis has authored six IBM Redbooks for IBM on enterprise systems management and was the founder and chief architect at Chain Bridge Systems.

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