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DevOps playbook: A practical guide for implementing DevOps

Pavan Belagatti
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If you want to “do” DevOps the right way, you need guidance. Hence the playbook, which gives you all the information you need to understand and adopt DevOps.

Frankly speaking, there is no such thing as a set of rules and processes configured to do DevOps the right way, and the approach depends on the perceptions that different companies have towards DevOps. But wait, it gets even worse: many businesses misunderstand the concept of DevOps and so their DevOps approach goes down in flames.

Understanding the concepts of DevOps is just one part — anybody can define DevOps in a fancy way but what matters most is doing it the right way. The fact that companies are willing to adopt DevOps is great but when they go from theory to practice, things go south. That happens because many companies which adopt DevOps have more questions than answers not only about how they should put it into practice, how a successful DevOps application looks like and how they know they are doing it right.

Increased DevOps adoption

The RightScale report shows that there has been an eight percent increase in DevOps adoption between 2015 and 2016 and just wait until we see the numbers for 2017! The DevOps adoption is going to be huge.

The Truth about DevOps today:

  • There is no such thing as a clear definition of DevOps or the factors that define its success. There is no proper procedure to know exactly how to start, end and even grow.
  • Fragmented tools that help you adopt DevOps are very messy and not easy to handle. Therefore, they are mostly a waste of developers’ precious time.
  • Developers spend a lot of time in ad hoc activities to cope up with turning DevOps into reality in their organization by creating custom pipelines for each application instead of working on real applications.

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DevOps Reality Score: A systematic DevOps approach

Now all you need is a practical guide that lets you do DevOps effectively. A playbook that you can follow step by step and do DevOps the right way.

You should know that zero-touch automation is essential; if you can implement this across your applications, DevOps maturity is just a step away. You can gauge your current position by creating a DevOps Reality Score matrix for each of your applications. This will help you figure out exactly how far you are to a complete automation of any application. In the example model above, the DevOps maturity is 6/16, i.e. 37.5%.

You can get the DevOps reality score by completing this exercise for all the applications across your organization and taking the average result. This will tell your DevOps score — your aim is to move towards 100% to achieve complete automation.


A clear path to success has a roadmap that clearly shows how close you are to achieving your goal. Similarly, having a practical guide to implement DevOps is necessary if you want to gauge the DevOps success, take proper decisions and plan accordingly to help the organization grow.

Pavan Belagatti
Pavan is a DevOps influencer working at JFrog and a guest writer at various top-notch technology platforms.

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