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Infrastructure as Code – Lessons learned from Dev to Ops

Chris Stewart

The craft of software application development has evolved over the past thirty years. Yet, in comparison, Infrastructure as Code development (IaC) is still in its infancy. This talk presents some of the most impactful learning journeys from Emma’s career as an application developer, and how to apply those lessons to accelerate the growth of Infrastructure as Code as a craft in its own right.

Have you ever had to re-write an entire template rapidly after discovering a flaw in production? Felt embarrassed to have bust a gut on a neat template update but realized you missed the point of the change request altogether? Have you ever struggled to come up to speed when reading someone else’s configuration management or infrastructure orchestration code? Maybe you’ve suffered from spaghetti-code in Terraform, CloudFormation, Chef or Puppet? How can we shortcut these pitfalls and leverage some of the practices that application developers have been honing for years? Find out in this session.

The key takeaways of this session are:

  • Learn tried and tested development techniques for ensuring high code quality.
  • Understand how to apply agile principles to IaC development.
  • Learn about testing frameworks for common Infrastructure as Code services.


devopsEmma Button is an agile software delivery specialist with fifteen years of experience in building and deploying enterprise software – Java, C#, JavaScript and a smattering of Node and Go. In recent years, she has specialised in the cultural, technology, and process changes needed to grow high-performing software and operations teams responsible for building and maintaining high-throughput, low-latency distributed applications in the cloud. She lead R&D teams going through cultural change; inspiring team members to transition from traditional working methods, through agile and lean practices and into the DevOps mindset.

Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart is an Online Editor for He studied French at Somerville College, Oxford before moving to Germany in 2011. He speaks too many languages, writes a blog, and dabbles in card tricks.

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Momoh Ibrahim
Momoh Ibrahim
2 years ago

Nice Post! great article. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and educative post.