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How non-violent communication can help keep the peace on your team

JAXenter Editorial Team

Non-violent communication will help you communicate with your coworkers in a manner that enables productivity and helps you understand how their unmet needs might lead to negative interactions. Watch Casie Siekman’s DevOps Conference session and prepare your teams for greater success.

Successful communication is a huge part of a project’s success – everyone on the team can benefit from NVC. Nonviolent Communication is based on the idea that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and only resort to violence or behavior that harms others when they don’t recognize more effective strategies for meeting their needs.

Especially in our technological industry, there are many chances for miscommunication which can lead to all parties feeling dissatisfied. Unspoken expectations, ignored feelings, and accusatory or aggressive language can bring an otherwise productive team to a halt.

This presentation from the DevOps Conference, led by Casie Siekman will show you how to be aware of yourself, how your actions affect others, and how to deal with and understand others that may be negatively affecting you.


devopsCasie Siekman is a software developer based in Minneapolis and is passionate about making the Minneapolis and Midwest tech community more diverse and accessible to all. Along with that, she is also passionate about communication, the meanings and motivations behind what we say and how all that can bring us together (or, push us apart).

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