Other digital skills are no longer optional

DevOps, C++ & Python most in demand job skills

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DevOps, C++ & Python are indispensable skills in tech, showing a huge year-on-year growth as well as continued dominance in terms of what employers want. However, there is also a trend that more and more digital skills are demanded from those working in non-IT positions as well.

According to a report published by Dice Insights based on Burning Glass Nova data, the most in demand tech skills are DevOps, C++, and Python. Burning Glass Nova is a platform that analyzes job information from more than 45,000 sources, meaning they can analyze millions of active job postings. The data for August 2019 shows that the top-ranked tech skills are:

  1. DevOps
  2. C++
  3. Python

DevOps is still a huge topic and doesn’t look set to go anywhere any more than the two programming languages sitting up there with it. Development in C++ and Python is still ongoing in many places, and we can’t forget legacy code either, so neither of these look set to disappear as highly demanded skills anytime soon. In fact, year on year these skills are much more in demand than last year, with DevOps up 25%, and C++ and Python up by 21% and 19% respectively.

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As a skillset, DevOps covers quite a wide array of skills – from software integration to automation, to name just a couple – and this high level of complexity is why DevOps jobs tend to get paid very well, especially in larger companies. Given the significant growth in this area, it certainly might be worth considering learning more about it.

Of course keen-eyed readers will have spotted that the list on the Dice site also lists skills such as Enterprise Resource Planning and Microsoft Office – which has 20% more demand than the same time last year. However, these aren’t really specialized tech skills so much as base-level skills that don’t fall under the same umbrella as programming languages – although, yes, Excel can be very powerful!

Digital skills no longer optional

Finally, speaking of base-level skills, while the above discussed data is more US-oriented, Burning Glass have also published a report of their own about how digital skills are no longer optional in the UK job market. In this report they look at the number of open positions in the UK that require digital skills, which they interpret as everything from the aforementioned Microsoft Office, but also Adobe Photoshop and CRM tools. 68% of the job postings they looked at requesting digital skills fell outside of the area of IT.


DevOps, C++, and Python are still in demand, but even jobs outside of software development are becoming more and more oriented towards digital skills. Perhaps one day we will see basic programming knowledge start appearing in the same way.

Chris Stewart
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