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Developers Would Rather Do Their Taxes Than Test Their Software

Jessica Thornsby

Electric Cloud survey 144 software development professionals on attitudes towards software testing.

Developers would rather do their taxes than test their software, according to a survey conducted by Electric Cloud.

The software production management solutions provider questioned 144 software development professionals in partnership with Osterman Research. In addition to discovering that a majority of developers view testing as an unpleasant process, the survey found that 58% of developers attribute bugs to poor testing procedures and infrastructure limitations, rather than problems with the design. Time pressures also emerged as a problem, with 46% of software developers saying they did not have enough time to test as much as they should.

But, is testing worth the time and effort? According to the survey, the answer is yes, with 56% of those surveyed reporting that bugs discovered late in the development cycle “almost always” affected release dates. And, what is the cost of a bug? 44% placed their last significant software bug as resulting in an average of $250,000 in lost revenue and twenty hours of a developer’s time.

According to the survey, fully automated software testing environments are still rare (12%) with almost 10% reporting that they still test completely by hand.

“As the software we rely on each day continues to grow in complexity, it becomes more and more essential that bugs are caught and repaired quickly,” said Michael Osterman, the CEO of Osterman Research. “With 88 percent of the companies represented in this survey still using manual testing to some extent and respondents rating dealing with their test systems as more painful than dealing with taxes, it’s clear that software developers still have a long way to go toward full automation and effective test systems.”

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