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Developer first – a new Leadership Mindset

JAXenter Editorial Team

Establishing effective communication and feedback loops with developers is key. Watch Kate Wardin, Senior Engineering Manager at Target Corporation, discuss a leadership mindset that can bring your team to new heights. Empower developers to reach their full potential with a developer first mindset, strategies, resources, and techniques.

Be prepared to challenge your preexisting perspectives of technical leadership as we explore non-traditional approaches and techniques in these immersive, hands-on workshops and presentations.

You will be required to step outside your comfort zone as you share personal experiences and discuss challenging topics such as: giving feedback, working with different communication styles, facilitating effective (non-awkward) 1:1s, practicing authenticity, empowering developers to reach their full potential, and establishing powerful and bullet-proof morning routines to maximize your busy schedules.


developersKate Wardin is a currently a Senior Engineering Manager at Target Corporation in Minneapolis, MN.
She leads a team of amazing engineers who build front end applications for Supply Chain HQ and Field users.
Outside of her day job, she enjoys organizing events that enable young women to develop a passion and build confidence for future careers in technology.
She also enjoys disrupting the norms of traditional leadership by spending time researching, testing out, and advocating for various techniques to tenaciously put developers first. In 2019, she founded Developer First to provide resources, techniques, and strategies for new and seasoned technical leaders.

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