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Ankur M. Raiyani
Spring Boot

What is Spring Boot? For Java developers, this 101 guide explains how Spring Boot can help you, what the features do, and how do enhance your productivity. Make use of the Spring application and find out what features can encourage and simplify your development process.

Are you working on Java applications? The Spring framework just might be the answer for you. It is easy and effective to help you with quick results. In fact, the complicated Legacy development process can also be made simpler with the use of Spring Boot. Generally, this process was taken ahead with the usage of JSP and servlet. The procedure of development using JSP & Servlet was not easy. The process lacked scalability which made it very complicated. The code smells quite badly, which makes its re-usability quite low!

Using Spring Boot can be the right option for you since it will cover the process without complications. If you are still confused about the usage of Spring Boot, read along and we will explore deeper into it.

What is Spring & Spring Boot?

The Spring framework is an effective solution for developing Java applications with the best infrastructure support. Spring’s framework has been packed with some of the impeccable features which can certainly give your application an edge. The attributes like Dependency Injection is a boost to have in your application. Not only this, but you will also be assisted with modules while using the Spring framework.

It’s packed with some nice features like Dependency Injection and out of the box modules such as:

  • Spring MVC
  • Spring JDBC
  • Spring AOP
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Test
  • Spring ORM
  • Spring Data

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With the help of these modules, you can develop your application faster, without any problems.

What is Spring Boot?

When it comes to Spring Boot, it is basically acknowledged to be a Spring framework extension where the boilerplate configurations have been removed. This platform has exclusively welcomed a faster and effective development ecosystem by taking an opinionated understanding of the Spring framework.

Below are some of the features of using Spring Boot:

  • You get the attribute of an embedded server, which exclusively eliminates any kind of complications during the time of application deployment.
  • It also helps you with opinionated ‘starter’ dependencies which make the process of application configuration and development simpler.
  • Spring Boot also helps you with the automatic config feature, which allows you to use Spring functionality wherever required.
  • The Spring Boot framework also helps you with features like externalized configuration, health check, and metrics.

Spring Boot benefits

Using Spring Boot can help you with a number of benefits. A few of them have been mentioned below, take a look:

  • Developing Spring-based applications with Groovy and Java gets way easier. Developers can do their tasks easily with the approach of the Opinionated Defaults Configuration.
  • You do not have to write multiple boilerplate codes with the utilization of Spring Boot’s framework. It also eliminates the use of XML annotation and configuration, which helps with better productivity and quick development.
  • You will be able to make use of the Spring Boot application with a combination of the Spring ecosystem. The Spring ecosystem is exclusively composed of Spring JDBC, Spring ORM, Spring Data, Spring Security, and several more.

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  • With the assistance of different Embedded HTTP server in the form of Jetty, Tomcat, and more, it exclusively tests the different types of web applications with ease.
  • You will also be assisted with the attribute of Command Line Interface, which is a tool taken into consideration for testing and developing Spring Boot.
  • This framework will also help you with plugins that can be taken into usage for testing and developing Spring Boot Applications with ease.
  • Spring Data helps you eliminate your basic queries by using the concept of ‘QueryByMethodName’.
  • You can be assured about the security of your application with Spring Security. Not only does it helps you keep your application safe, but it also allows role-based accessibility.
  • Spring Profile helps run and build your application in different environments like development, QA, UAT, production and more with one-time configuration.


The Spring Boot framework has completely changed the model of Java-based applications. There will be no surprise if we can experience more advancements and developments in this world of technology.

Hopefully, you got a sense of what Spring and Spring Boot are and how they are beneficial to us. To start with Spring and Spring Boot, you will find examples and tutorials with ease. It holds an edge when it comes to legacy process development, testing, and deployment, making the entire process easy and simple!


Ankur M. Raiyani

Ankur is a CTO at Webs Optimization Software Solution. Being a passionate leader with analytical thinking and technical expertise in Java Application Development, he never fails to provide the best technical solutions. One would always find Ankur with ample energy and enthusiasm to explore new technologies.

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