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How well do you know your Deeplearning4j trivia?

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We’re back with a new programming pub quiz! This week, we’re testing your knowledge about Deeplearning4j. Do you know everything there is to know about this machine learning library for the JVM?

It’s time for another pub quiz. Today, we’re testing your knowledge of Deeplearning4j trivia! We got a little help from Skymind for this one, so you know it’s good.


1. What was the original name of DataVec, DL4J’s ETL library?

a) Canova

b) DataFlow

c) Arbiter

d) Aristophanes


2. Which important open-source library created by a Skymind engineer is not part of Eclipse Deeplearning4j?

a) Apache Hadoop

b) TensorFlow

c) JavaCPP

d) Arrow


3. Which co-creator of Deeplearning4j was in first grade when the Java language was created in 1995?

a) Josh Patterson

b) Adam Gibson

c) Chris Nicholson

d) Alex D. Black

e) That other dude…

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4. What is the DL4J community’s mascot?

a) Tony the Tiger

b) A goshawk

c) An oloid

d) A mastodon


5. What does the DL4J user support channel on Gitter most resemble?

a) A firehose

b) The Mississippi river, endless and meandering

c) A corset: great support, but sometimes painful

d) All of the above


6. Which version of Deeplearning4j first offered auto-differentiation?

a) 0.9.1

b) 0.4-rc2.2

c) 1.0.0

d) What’s auto-differentiation?

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7. Which Python deep learning library counts Skymind as its second-largest contributor?

a) Tensorflow

b) PyTorch

c) Keras

d) Meh, Python…


8. What was the first neural network implemented in Deeplearning4j?

a) Convolutional network

b) Restricted Boltzmann machine

c) Neural Turing machine

d) Multilayer perceptron

e) Skynet.


9. Which IDE does the DL4J community recommend?

a) Eclipse

b) Netbeans

c) IntelliJ, but not the latest community version


10. Which build tool does the community recommend?

a) Gradle

b) Maven

c) Ant

d) Ivy

e) Who needs build tools? Let’s add JAR files like it’s 1999.

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1. a) Canova

2. c) JavaCPP (Created by Samuel Audet).

3. b) Adam Gibson

4. c) Their mascot is a mathematical object called an oloid, which is formed with two conjoined circles at perpendicular angles to one another.

5. d) All of the above.

6. c) 1.0.0

7. c) Keras

8. b) Restricted Boltzmann machine

9. c) IntelliJ

10.b) Maven


How well did you do? Do you know your Deeplearning4j trivia?

0-3 correct: You’re just a machine learning beginner.

4-5 correct: You’re pretty solid in your Deeplearning4j trivia, but you still might need to pay a little more attention to the details.

6-8 correct: Nice! You really know your stuff!

9-10 correct: You are a machine learning master.

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