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Debug Visualisation For Eclipse 0.8.0 and JDK 7 b100

Jessica Thornsby

Plus, a new Cassandra component and the Scala module for the Play Framework reaches 0.7.

XML Infoset Compliant Apache Axiom 1.2.9

The Apache Axiom Team have announced version 1.2.9.

Apache Axiom is an XML Infoset compliant object model which supports on-demand building of the object tree, and comes with built-in support for XML Optimized Packaging. Apache Axiom is the core of Apache Axis2, but can also be used independently of Apache Axis2 as a standalone XML Infoset model.

With this release, Axiom detects which StAX implementation is being used and works around interoperability issues, including the concurrency issue that used to occur when using Axiom with SJSXP.

Debug Visualisation for Eclipse Gets New View Model

Version 0.8.0 of the Debug Visualisation plugin for Eclipse is out now.

Debug Visualisation 0.8.0 comes with a view model for visualisation, which allows developers to store calculated data alongside the referenced variable or value. It is also possible to add variables to the visualisation through the context menu of the ‘Variables View.’ The customer filter implementation has also been replaced with the platform-defined logical structures. Please note that the logical structure selection is not synchronised with the variables view.

Scala Module for Play Framework

Play-Scala 0.7 is now available.

Play-Scala is a Scala module for the Play Framework. This release comes with a new “asScala” API for accessing Java models from Scala and new meta annotations for handling annotations on constructor arguments.

JDK 7 with JAX-WS 2.2

JDK 7 b100 is out now, and is integrated with JAX-WS 2.2.

This release also adds a top level ‘make test’ rule that uses test/Makefile, and runs all test batches, and fixes CORBA build warnings.

…….And a New Camel-Cassandra Project

Camel-Cassandra is a new Cassandra component for storing and retrieving data to and from Apache Cassandra. Please see the project github for more information.

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