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Data science fundamentals

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How do data scientists make their predictions? It isn’t magic, it’s technology. In this session from JAX London, Steph Locke gives you a look behind the curtain at the process and fundamentals that data scientists employ. You will learn about the basics of data science and how to add it to your own technical field.

Data scientists know the “magic” of making accurate predictions over time.

However, magic is just sufficiently advanced technology, and most of a data scientist’s magic is a good process, good data awareness, and the ability to know whether to make something new or use something that’s already out there. In short – it’s not all that different from software development, or any other technical field.

Let’s go behind the curtains and see the process and the fundamentals employed in making any prediction. Get comfortable with the basics of data science, and learn enough to start adding magic to your work.


data scienceSteph Locke is the CEO and co-founder of Nightingale HQ, a platform for connecting businesses with AI experts. She also works as a consultant, via her own company, Locke Data. Finally, Steph is also the founder of several conferences, including the worldwide R event; satRdays, and the new DataOps event, DataOpticon.
Steph’s talks, blog posts, conferences, and business all have one thing in common – they help people get started with data science. Steph holds a dual Microsoft MVP award (one for AI, and another for Data Platform) for her community contributions.
In her spare time, Steph plays board games and video games with her husband, tends to her garden, and takes copious pictures of her doggos.

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