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Dart moving entirely to GitHub, Google wanting the open-source sauce

Natali Vlatko

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Dart can now officially call GitHub home, in a move that has shifted the whole programming language to the popular open source hosting service. Google have also axed the Chrome Dev Editor, but are hoping the community can still salvage something from it.

The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js and core libraries have been moved in their entirety to GitHub, in a bid by Google to make the language more available and attractive to developers. The Dart SDK now has its own repository, joining the numerous Dart tools and packages already available.

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Seth Ladd announced the move recently, and was also the most recent committer at the time of writing. All SDK issues have been moved over as well, with original issue numbers intact to avoid confusion. Dart’s initial bug tracker now links to GitHub’s issue system, ensuring all processes run entirely through the hosting service.

Although the move is definitely a positive step in the right direction, Google have also timed the move with their abandonment of the Chrome Dev Editor. Product Manager Sriram Saroop has said that while their goal of building a native app on the Chrome platform was realised, they’re still canning the project:

As we achieved that goal and as Chrome DevTools has been improving continuously, we felt it made less sense to continue investment in Chrome Dev Editor. To that effect, we’ve decided to stop our active investment in Chrome Dev Editor and we don’t plan on further development.

Gregory Dillon, commenting on Saroop’s announcement, believes the whole thing is a bit of a copout: “Saying the purpose was to show that an IDE could be built on Chrome, but that the built IDE could not be a polished product, is the flag of defeat”. Other devs also showed their disappointment towards the news, but are confident that the move to GitHub could still produce something bigger and better:

Justin Willis: I have already started to rally an open source community around CDE so that we can continue development and help make the chrome platform the best web dev environment around!

Johno Scott: C’mon, buck up everyone. Its an open source project on GitHub and it lives. Fork long and prosper!

Google has already conceded to better integration with JavaScript, and with this (literal) move, will be crossing their fingers and toes that the adoption rate picks up. There’s hope yet for Dart-heads!

Natali Vlatko
An Australian who calls Berlin home, via a two year love affair with Singapore. Natali was an Editorial Assistant for (S&S Media Group).

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