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CQRS and Event Sourcing

JAXenter Editorial Team

This talk from the International PHP Conference dives into CQRS (command-query responsibility segregation). and event sourcing. See how they relate to one another, what the consequences of using them are, and learn some real-world, practical examples and demonstrations from Oliver Sturm, Training Director at DevExpress.

Data storage and data access are subjects of this talk. CQRS is quite a simple pattern to split responsibilities when working with data, but incredibly complicated papers have been written about it! Event Sourcing can be viewed as a natural extension of CQRS, though in reality a decision for or against it is independent and comes with its own consequences. Oliver uses practical examples in this talk to demonstrate implementation and combination of both patterns.


CQRSOliver Sturm is the Training Director at DevExpress. In almost 30 years in the field, he has gathered vast experience as a software developer and architect, consultant, trainer, speaker, and writer.

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