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Cool Store: A refreshing way to teach microservice architectural principles

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Beat the heat with Cool Store, an open source offering from Vietnam-devs. This containerized polyglot microservices application allows novice developers to wire up small microservices into a larger app.

Summer may giving way to fall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a nice, refreshing beverage. And where better to get a taste of microservices architecture than Cool Store?

Based on the CoolStore project from JBoss and Red Hat, Cool Store is a containerized polyglot microservices application based on .NET Core, Node.js, and more running on Service Mesh. It’s designed to demonstrate microservice architectural principles by teaching new developers how to wire up small microservices into larger apps.

In particular, Cool Store has been used to demonstrate Kubernetes, AKS, Istio and other cloud-native tech at conferences and talks.

So, what’s in the freezer? Cool Store is a pretty good application for teaching newcomers, if only because it has examples of common services and infrastructures.

If you’re looking to demonstrate creating the backend for any kind of store, Cool Store has got you covered. There’s a catalog to list products and prices for retail products, a cart that manages each customer’s individual tab, an inventory to keep track of products, and a pricing feature. There’s also a review and rating feature.

The IdP uses IdentityServer4 to authentication with OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect for the whole stack. And the entire web UI is based on Vue and Node.

Cool Store relies heavily on Istio, which helps reduce the complexity of deployments on the cloud. Istio is an open source service mesh that layers transparently onto existing distributed applications. Itio’s platform supports a whole host of features, including APIs for integrating into any logging platform, telemetry, or policy system. Other features include distributed tracing, advanced metrics, and more.

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Getting Cool Store

Want to try it out? Just dig a carton out of the freezer: Cool Store is available on GitHub. This open source app is looking for contributions from developers like you.


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