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Connecting the world of 10 billion devices

Coman Hamilton
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The world is becoming connected: more than 3 billion people online, 8 billion devices, millions of apps. What does this mean to developers? It means that you developers are becoming the creators of a new world – a connected world.

“I don’t think anybody knows how many apps there are in the world,” says Paul Fremantle, CTO of WSO2 and last year’s keynote speaker at the JAX London 2014. If we can’t even be sure of how many apps, devices and users there are out there, then how are we supposed to be able to connect them all?

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In this keynote talk from the JAX London 2014, Paul Fremantle, CTO at WSO2, Paul Fremantle takes us on a brief history of the connected world, from Batch File Transfer up to the “connected cow”, and explains the characteristics of connected organizations: what they do that is different, and why it makes a difference.

He also looks at key technologies and approaches to create differences and explain the necessary steps to participate in the new world.

Coman Hamilton
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