Committers Retire Apache Beehive


Committers to the Apache Beehive project have voted to retire the project due to inactivity.

Apache Beehive was an object model built on Apache Struts and J2EE that used the JSR-175 annotations to reduce the amount of code required for J2EE. The last release of Beehive, was version 1.0.2 in April 2006.

If you are looking for an alternative to Beehive, the project suggests the following:

Beehive NetUI / Page Flow – Struts 2 or Spring Web Flow

Beehive Controls – Spring Beans

Beehive Web Service Metadata (WSM) – Axis2’s implementation of JSR-181

The Beehive mailing list will remain open, and the website, wikis, svn, downloads and bugtracker will remain available in a read-only state, in an effort to ensure existing users have access to all the information required for their own development efforts.

Retired projects are moved into the Apache Attic. The Attic was created in November 2008 to make it clear when an Apache project has reached the end of its life. The Attic aims to be non-impacting to existing users; provide restricted oversight for a project’s codebases; and provide oversight for active user lists with no Project Management Committee (PMC.)

Projects that are unable to rally three votes for a release, who lack active committers or are unable to fulfil their reporting duties to the board are all candidates for moving into the Attic. Alternatively, the Apache Software Foundation board may choose to dissolve the PMC and move the project into the Attic.

You can read more about Beehive’s retirement at the Attic.

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