Python beats JavaScript and Java in popularity

CodinGame 2020 developer survey says Python is the most loved programming language

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Which programming languages do developers love most—and which do they dread? CodinGame has the answers, as the company surveyed more than 21,000 developers. They also took a look at where to find the happiest developers, depending on the countries they work in and the positions they hold.

The latest edition of the annual survey by developer recruitment platform CodinGame has been released. In the 2020 developer survey report, participants were asked about their programming language preferences, their work happiness and more.

First, let’s answer this burning question: What are the most loved and what are the most dreaded programming languages?

Most loved programming languages

It’s no secret, developers love Python! In the survey, 35.97% of respondents pronounced it their most loved programming language.

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In second and third place, we can see the close competition between the popular languages JavaScript (29.48%) and Java (29.10%). C# follows with 24.98%, C++ with 24.26% and C with 13.15%. PHP is loved by 11.47% of the developers who took part in the survey.

See the top ten most loved languages:

Source: CodinGame

Most dreaded programming languages

There is a thin line between love and hate, and so some of the most loved languages are also among the most dreaded.

The 7th most beloved language tops the list, as more than a quarter (25.10%) of respondents dread PHP. The rest of the top three looks very familiar, as Java is dreaded by 23.93% and JavaScript by 21.29%. And even the developers’ favorite, Python, ranks on number nine (8.39%).

See the ten most dreaded languages for yourself:

Source: CodinGame

Where are developers the happiest?

Developers are happy, but some are even happier than others. CodinGame took a closer look at the effects of the country, position and industry they work in, with happiness being rated on a scale from 0 to 10.

It turns out that developers are happy with their jobs in general, as they gave an average rating of 7, but some countries scored even higher. The happiest developers are based in the UK (7.40), while Canada (7.38), the US (7.33), Brazil (7.16) and Germany (7.14) were rated above average as well.

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The highest-ranking industries are technology (7.29), media (7.28) and education (7.22). Positions with the greatest happiness levels are data scientist/machine learning specialist (7.30) and game developer/engineer (7.29). The developer position of teacher, educator, trainer or academic researcher (7.23) ranked in third place.


Over 21,000 developers from all around the world took part in the CodinGame 2020 developer survey report. The five most represented countries are France (27%), the US (15%), India (15%), Germany (10%) and Russia (8%). The majority of respondents are between 20 and 34 years old (64.09%) and either employed full time (50.13%) or studying (31.34%). While female participants still make up only a small share of 11.5%, the number has risen compared to 8.7% in last year’s survey.

See the the full report for more details.

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