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CloudBees Picks up $4 Million and JIRA 4.3 Milestone Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Google set to acquire Groupon?

JIRA 4.3 M1 Updates REST API

The first milestone of JIRA 4.3 has been announced. The milestone release features some changes to the REST API, including the addition of endpoints for providing issue search and providing a list of projects. There is also support for direct connectivity between JIRA and LDAP, for retrieving user and group information. Support for connecting to Atlassian Crowd is planned for future 4.3 milestones.

CloudBees Raise $4 Million

CloudBees have announced they have raised $4 million in Series A financing. The funds will be used to build out their cloud-agnostic, cloud native Java PaaS, and accelerate the development and delivery of [email protected], currently in beta. Earlier this month, CloudBees announced they have acquired InfraDNA. To find out more about the acquisition, be sure to read our interview with founder and CEO of Cloud Bees, Sacha Labourey.

Google to Acquire Groupon?

According to VatorNews, Google may be about to acquire discount website Groupon for $2.5 billion. Groupon has been at the centre of speculation for a while, with rumours that the website was considering raising funds that would value the company at $3 billion, and that Yahoo! were making a second bid to buy the company, this time by offering $4 billion.

JDK 7 Oracle Rebranding Nears Competition

Kelly O’Hair has blogged that the majority of the JDK 7 branding has been completed by Oracle. The OpenJDK7 sources, source bundles and JDK7 binary bundles should now include most of the changes to the vendor Java properties and the Windows COMPANY file properties.

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