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“Clean Sheet”: A new Eclipse theme for developers with tired eyes

Dominik Mohilo
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Eclipse is supposed to be easy to work with, but hours of coding in this IDE can really tire out your eyes. Never fear – there’s now a solution to this problem. The Eclipse theme “Clean Sheet” was developed for an eye-friendly UX.

It’s a problem that almost every developer faces: tired eyes. Code Affine have done their best to solve this problem with the Clean Sheet, an Eclipse theme for Windows 10 that tidies up the interface while reducing the amount of potential headache-causing characteristics in the design.

A consistent and unobtrusive colour scheme is used to create more harmonious syntax-highlighting and increase readability, while adjustable scrollbars support a contemporary and unobstrusive design.

Clean Sheet for Eclipse

Clean Sheet for Eclipse

Just in time for Christmas, a new version has now been published featuring the slim and shapely Open Source Font Source Code Pro. As of this version, flat scrollbars are adjustable, offering the user new style varieties. You can find the menu via Quick Access by searching for scrollbars or appearance.


Font Source Code Pro fitting in perfectly with the design of Clean Sheet

The popular Dark Theme from Eclipse is also included in the Christmas edition of Clean Sheet. But instead of just implementing the Eclipse Dark Theme into Clean Sheet, characteristics of it were added to the original. This way, the team was able to make adjustments without adding bugs.

Popular Dark Theme in value-enhancing Clean Sheet Variety

Popular Dark Theme in value-enhancing Clean Sheet Variety

Furthermore some fine tuning in the colour theme was made, and a few bugs were fixed.

All changes can be found in the release notes for Clean Sheet 0.2.0. Downloads and manuals are accessible on the website of Code Affine, a group of independent software-developers.

Dominik Mohilo
Dominik Mohilo studied German and sociology at the Frankfurt University, and works at S&S Media since 2015.

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