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Another OpenOffice.org Departure

Charles Schulz Leaves OpenOffice.org for Document Foundation

Jessica Thornsby

It seems Florian Effenberger isn’t the only member of the OpenOffice.org project leaving in favour of The Document Foundation, as Charles Schulz has announced that he is also resigning from the project and will contribute to The Document Foundation from now on.

He gives a glimpse into a tense situation at Oracle, calling out “Oracle employees who are members of the OpenOffice.org project” who have expressed “a disturbing lack of understanding of Free and Open Source Software.” He identifies LibreOffice as a downstream version of OpenOffice.org (“until proven otherwise”) which should be included in the OpenOffice.org community. He warns Oracle that “forks become forks only when one of the boys refuse to play ball with the others; and the Oracle team of OpenOffice.org just did that.” He places the blame for creating this fork squarely at Oracle’s door, due to an “astounding” lack of dialogue and their instantaneous labelling of LibreOffice as a competitor to OpenOffice.org.

A beta of LibreOffice is out now.

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