Call For Applicants For Kindle SDK Beta Testing


Developers can now submit their email address for participation in a limited beta test of Amazon’s Kindle Development Kit. Participants in the limited beta will be able to download the Kindle Software Development Kit (SDK) which will include sample code, documentation, and the Kindle Simulator. This will allow developers to test content, access developer support and submit finished content by simulating Kindle and Kindle DX on Mac, PC, and Linux desktops.

User revenue will be split 70% to the developer and 30% to Amazon net of delivery fees of $0.15 / MB. Content will be available to customers in the Kindle Store later this year. Content can be priced either as ‘free’ (under 1MB) ‘one-time purchase’ (less than 100KB/user/month of wireless data), or ‘monthly subscription.’ Active content applications have a size limit of 100MB.