Apache Velocity

Bug Fixes for Velocity Engine and Legacy Support in Velocity Tools

Jessica Thornsby

The Apache Velocity Team release new versions of their template engine and collection of Java classes.

The Apache Velocity Team have announced two new releases today: the Java-based template engine, Apache Velocity Engine and Velocity Tools.

Apache Velocity Engine aims to allow developers to use a template language for referencing objects defined in Java code. Version 1.6.4 is a bug fix release, which addresses issues with the double-checked locking and CPU loop hang. Please see the Changelog for more information.

Velocity define a “tool” as a POJO that is “useful” in a template, and is not intended to be rendered in the output. This project aims to provide a collection of such Java classes, with supporting infrastructure to make these tools available to your Velocity templates. Velocity Tools version 2.0 introduces some new configuration formats, and legacy support for Tools 1.4 configurations and extensions. More information is available at the Changelog.


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