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Bug Fixes for Apache Jackrabbit 1.6.4

Jessica Thornsby

Apache Jackrabbit 1.6.4 fixes issues with the embedded Derby failing under JBoss and the add/lock and unlock/remove Node.

Apache Jackrabbit version 1.6.4 has been announced.
This release rectifies an issue with add/lock and unlock/remove Node with shared session, and adds a OnWorkspaceInconsistency with logging only. With this upgrade, the embedded Derby should no longer fail under JBoss because of JMX-related conflicts.

This release is backwards-compatible with the earlier 1.6.x releases, but it does contain a change in persistence format that makes it impossible to downgrade to releases earlier than 1.6.2 after a repository has been upgraded. Therefore, the Jackrabbit team recommend a full backup of the repository before upgrading to 1.6.4.

It can be downloaded now.

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