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BootsFaces 0.8.6 has been released

Stephan Rauh
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This weekend we published a new version of BootsFaces. BootsFaces 0.8.6 is basically not a big deal; it fixes half a dozen bugs.

The most annoying bug that has been fixed was compatibility with Internet Explorer.

The other important change is a breaking change correcting another breaking change introduced with BootsFaces 0.8.5. Starting with BootsFaces 0.8.6, the process attribute of AJAX request now is 100% compatible with its PrimeFaces counterpart. We didn’t feel comfortable with introducing a second breaking change within merely two weeks, but at the end of the day compatibility with PrimeFaces was more important. We want you to be able to use PrimeFaces along with BootsFaces, and that means we should try to align our APIs as much as possible.

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Another error we’ve fixed was basically caused by our documentation. Until 0.8.1, you could use<b:image /> with both the src attribute and the name attribute. BootsFaces 0.8.5 added the standard JSF resource library, which changed the meaning of name from “ignored” to “points to a file within the resources folder”. This, in turn, broke the application of at least one developer. Since BootsFaces 0.8.6, the src attribute has priority. Plus, we’ve corrected the documentation. Now it doesn’t claim the name attribute was necessary.

There are a few more bugfixes, as you can see in our release notes. If you’ve already adopted BootsFaces 0.8.5, we recommend updating to 0.8.6. If you haven’t, we recommend updating to 0.8.6, too, because the new version contains a lot of improvements and bug fixes. In any case, we don’t expect any migration effort, with the possible exception of the process attribute.

Like always, we’d like to thank everybody who’s reported a bug or a feature request on our bug tracker or on You’ve contributed to the success of BootsFaces, making it an even bigger success story than it already is!

Having said that, there’s only one word left to say:


This post was originally published on the Beyond Java blog. 

Stephan Rauh
Stephan Rauh works as a senior consultant at the OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH Germany . He has been working for years with JSF and AngularJS and has become known through his blog and open source projects AngularFaces and BootsFaces .

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