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Don’t miss the early bird special: Save big on Blockchain Technology Conference!

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Who doesn’t like saving money? Attend the Blockchain Technology Conference in Berlin from November 19 to 21 and save money on your tickets. Hurry up, because this special ends on October 18th!

You know what they say. The early bird gets the worm tickets to the Blockchain Technology Conference! Are you ready to get hands-on experience, a day of live studies, and interact with experts?

Early bird special!

The early bird special ends October 18th. After that, ticket prices go up and they don’t ever come back down. Save up to €200 Euro. Who doesn’t want to save money?

From November 19 to 21, Berlin is getting a dose of deep insights about blockchains solutions and technology. Experts from around the world gather to give talks, keynotes, and power workshops to attendees.

Special offers for freelancers and employees of scientific institutions are also available, as well as group discounts. Grab your colleagues and make it an outing!

As everyone is well aware, blockchain technology is changing the entire landscape. It’s much more than just Bitcoin – blockchain is transforming businesses in all sectors and improving cybersecurity. Before you get swept away in the tide, it’s time to sharpen your pencils and get back to school. What better way to learn about the future of this tech than straight from the mouths and minds of the very best in the industry?

The full program will be available and it is already jam-packed with plenty of blockchain goodies.

Once the early bird is over, it’s over and those savings are gone with the wind.

There are tracks and sessions for everyone, no matter your level of expertise. So whether you are just dipping your toe into the ocean or if you’re already a seasoned expert, there is something for you. Here’s a preview of what to expect from the Blockchain Technology Conference:

Blockchain technology 101

Principles, tools–frameworks & libraries–and implementation

Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric by Arnaud Le Hors

This presentation will give attendees an in-depth look into the architecture of the Hyperledger Fabric framework, covering its architecture with all of its components, its process flow, and more. This session will provide practical information on how to get started, build your first network, and develop an application. Attendees will leave with a real understanding of how Hyperledger Fabric functions, what makes it unique, and how they can get started with this technology.

Why UX and UI design are key to Blockchain adoption by Michał Zieliński

Blockchain is at the doorstep of a major entrance into everyday consumer lives and has the potential of changing and improving many of our day-to-day tasks. Yet its adoption rests on 2 simple questions that every single person will be asking: “what’s in it for me?” and “will I need to change or learn something?”.

While there are many witty developers improving and innovating Blockchain technology and teaching about it as we speak, only few are focused on the question how Blockchain based applications need to be presented to the consumer to ensure a seamless adoption.

This talk will highlight the status quo and the current challenges for UX/UI design in Blockchain projects, draw a roadmap into a future where the UX/UI of applications is just as important as the underlying technology and give actionable guidelines on how to start making improvements today.

Blockchain: The Slowest (and most Fascinating) Database in the World by Stefan Tilkov

As well as being the foundation of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, the blockchain technique is now the starting point for numerous other new business ideas. The usual suspects surpass each other with superlatives how “disruptive” the Blockchain-based startups will be. In this talk, we look first at the technical security foundations and then examine the advantages and disadvantages. We then identify practical scenarios and discuss how to implement them in practice.

Blockchain advanced development

Advanced step-by-step technical guide: Sharing the know-how

Developing Java applications on the Ethereum Blockchain with web3j by Ivaylo Kirilov

This workshop is for anyone who wants to look beyond the hype and get some hands-on experience developing with blockchain technology. You’ll learn how to use and integrate Java applications with the dominant public blockchain Ethereum. We’ll also touch on the private blockchain technology Quorum.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • what a blockchain is
  • how the dominant public blockchain, Ethereum works
  • how the library web3j talks to Ethereum
  • what a smart contract is and how you can work with smart contracts from Java
  • web3j’s reactive API and how it uses the ReactiveX Observables to greatly enhance working with Ethereum
  • how to create and manage tokens via smart contracts on Ethereum
  • how to use the private blockchain technology Quorum with web3j-quorum

High-performance libraries in Java by Peter Lawrey

A look at how Chronicle Queue, Chronicle Map, Koloboke and Java Thread Affinity are used in Chronicle Decentred to build a public distributed ledger.

This talk will take a hands-on look at how these libraries are used in a real application.

How to Build a Mobile DApp for Ethereum by Mohamed Ben Hajla

The session begins with an overview of how to access the Ethereum Blockchain from a mobile platform such as iOS and Android.
We’ll also discuss the different options of interacting with the blockchain technology from a mobile device. As an example, we will build a small iOS app as a PWA and as a native Swift App to illustrate how to create accounts and conduct transactions.
Last but not least, we will talk in more detail about the most popular development tools and libraries.

Blockchain impact & strategy

Experimenting with blockchain technology: Real-world inspiring use cases

How small and medium-sized companies can benefit from blockchain technology by Sven Wagenknecht

Germany has missed the advent of Web 2.0. But what about Web 3.0, which among other things includes blockchain technology? The aim of this talk is to show why the German industry, in particular, can benefit enormously from blockchain technology. Where are the interfaces and which industries can already show promising blockchain projects? The presented use cases will give an overview of the potential, but also the obstacles in the implementation.

The Vehicle as a Service Hub. Security, Privacy, Access Control and a Business Disruption Reality Check by Nick de la Forge

How can a decentralized access control solution solve the problems that go hand in hand with the increasing amount of n-to-n connections in the modern world? This new and exciting solution is upon us and it’s going to have a huge impact on the automobile industry. This is where the technology XAIN is developing comes into play: it promises to solve some of the most pressing charges when it comes to user privacy within a vehicle.

IOTA: Technological overview and practical use cases by Samuel Martinet

This session will include a practical walkthrough on the building blocks of an IOTA transaction and how it is broadcast and validated by the network as well as an overview of how IOTA differs from other Blockchains in terms of data structure and expected behaviours (scalability, verification latency, effective decentralization). The talk will end with introducing a couple of use cases (e.g., the smart charging station) produced by the IOTA community so far.

…and much more to come!

View the program to see more sessions. More will continue to be added, so keep checking back!

But remember, the early bird waits for no man! You can still save big until October 18.

Furthermore, don’t forget to peruse the whitepaper, now available for download! Get the latest know-how about technology, strategy, and development straight from the experts.

Hungry for more blockchain content before the conference? Our Blockchain development made easy interview series is a great guide to begin your learning. We interviewed experts in the field on how to best get started and off the ground.

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