Serge Beauchamp

Serge Beauchamp
Serge Beauchamp is Senior Software Engineer at Freescale Semiconductor, formerly the semiconductor division of Motorola. He has been developing C/C++ IDE since 2000 where he joined the IDE team at Metrowerks to work on their CodeWarrior tools. He is an Eclipse Platform committer and has been involved in the E4 Resource improvement effort.

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e4 Changes

Flexible Project Structure in e4

While the Eclipse e4 project is currently placing on emphasis on strengthening the Eclipse platform as a generic application framework, Eclipse maintains its primary function as an integrated development environment.

In the past developers have had to deal with a lack of flexibility in the Eclipse IDE, when it comes to the requirements of complex development projects. In this article, E4-committer Serge Beauchamp discusses how e4 will bring more flexibility to the project management structure.