Sarah Schlothauer

Sarah Schlothauer
Sarah Schlothauer is an assistant editor for She received her Bachelor's degree from Monmouth University and is currently enrolled at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany where she is working on her Masters. She lives in Frankfurt with her husband and cat. She is also the editor for Conditio Humana, an online magazine about ethics, AI, and technology.

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Salary figures and hiring trends

JavaScript developers average 2020 salaries hits $114,986 in the US

Any JavaScript developer will tell you that a fair salary leads to better work. Despite this, many devs are underpaid, and so they are jumping from job to job. The tech sector has the highest turnover rate, and losing good employees is costing businesses money. What should you be earning? Check out some of the current hiring trends for JavaScript developers in 2020.

The next decade in modern app development

Four ways AI and integration will come together in 2020

Artificial intelligence is complex, and as integration with businesses continues, certain areas will impact enterprises. We are seeing a rise in integration, especially in regards to apps relying on API for combining services and data from different systems. This article explores four scenarios that will be affected by AI and integration in the year 2020 and beyond.

New year, new update

Gradle 6.1 adds relocatable dependency cache and a few more changes

Gradle is an invaluable tool for helping teams build, automate, and effectively deliver software. The latest version is out. Version 6.1 adds a few goodies, fixes some bugs, and adds some improvements for plugin authors and tooling providers. See what’s included in this update and how to upgrade your build and keep up with the new releases.

Monospaced and ready to code

Best fonts for programming: JetBrains Mono typeface is easy on the eyes

What typeface do you program with? JetBrains released a new open source typeface that is designed with coding in mind. JetBrains Mono aims to minimize eye strain, improve code readability, reduce noise, and balance whitespace with ligatures. Besides its practical usage, it’s also just plain beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. See what it looks and add it to your IDE.

The road ahead

Scala 3 arrives in 2020: How can you prepare for the big update?

Over the past few years, Scala has become a noteworthy programming language, gathering users turning to it as a substitute for Java that can run in parallel with Java on the JVM. As we head towards the release of Scala 3, developers have some questions. What is Dotty? How do I migrate? Why am I getting flashbacks to Python 2? Luckily, a new blog update gives us some answers.

Should I stay or should I go?

Python 2 end of life: 31% of organizations have no Python 3 migration plans

Its end of life came as no surprise, and yet, many teams still do not have a plan going forward on what to do with their Python 2 apps. A recent study found that while most teams anticipate migrating to Python 3, there are some that will self-support Python 2, and even a few that will rewrite their apps in another language. What challenges will organizations face when they migrate their code?

Watch Maximilian Berghoff's International PHP Conference session

What it actually costs – an ecological price tag for software development

What does software development really cost? When we think about the numbers adding up, we often don’t take energy consumption into consideration. There is always an ecological price to software development. Maximilian Berghoff discusses the ecological questions that development raises in this session.

Keeping up with the movement

5 DevOps trends everyone should get ready for in 2020

Are you ready for DevOps in 2020? As DevOps matures, prepare yourself for the coming decade and brush up on the top 5 DevOps trends that will become relevant in the new year and beyond. Organizations will want to stay up to date with DevSecOps, cloud-native DevOps, Google’s Golang, increasing automation possibilities, and more.

Preview the newest features

TypeScript 3.8 beta adds support for ECMAScript private fields

TypeScript’s popularity among JavaScript programmers makes it an essential component of modern JS development. The latest version, TypeScript 3.8 Beta, contains new features including new syntax for importing and exporting only types. Give the beta release a try and experience all of the latest features before the final release arrives.

Adjusting business processes

Trouble with DevOps? Make sure you have these 4 components

There are four key components of integrating successful DevOps practices within your team. If you feel like you are losing control of the culture shift, make sure you have these four important components in order. It takes communication, tools, education, and leadership to properly integrate DevOps into an organization.

Staggered deployments

Canary deployments for IT operations

Canary deployments are a commonly-used DevOps practice for staggered rollouts, sending small updates to groups in order to catch and fix issues. Ultimately, experimenting with DevOps practices such as canary deployments can help IT (and IT operations) bridge the gap with the business and deliver more value, faster.