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Sarah Schlothauer
Sarah Schlothauer is an assistant editor for She received her Bachelor's degree from Monmouth University and is currently enrolled at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany where she is working on her Masters. She lives in Frankfurt with her husband and cat.

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CI/CD for Spring Boot Microservices: Part 2

Extending CI/CD: Kubernetes Continuous Deployment for Microservices

This is part two of a tutorial series by Tomas Fernandez. By the end of this article, you will know how to introduce Kubernetes into CI/CD. Docker allows us to create easy-to-deploy, portable packages for our application. With Kubernetes, we can run those packages in the cloud, scaling them up and down to go along with fluctuating demands, and releasing updates with no downtime.

Preventing man-in-the-middle attacks

TLS certificate pinning on mobile apps to secure from MiTM attacks

Mobile security has become more important than ever, especially as many employers adopt Bring Your Own Device for remote and in-house employees. What is TLS certificate pinning? Find out all about it and how to implement TLS pinning on Android and iOS apps and prevent man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks on mobile apps.

Laying the groundwork for big data

Building a data platform on Google Cloud Platform

At the moment, big data is very popular and there is a wide variety of products available for handling data. In this article, read a case study about a German startup tackled their data problems and built a common data platform into their architecture. The data platform consists of four components: Ingestion, storage, process, and provisioning.

Avoid becoming the 90%

How DevOps can help scale your startup

According to research, 90% of startups fail. What does the 10% have that sets them apart? One of the ways to prevent failure is by keeping up with good DevOps practices and using essential DevOps monitoring tools, like Docker and Ansible. In this article, find out why DevOps practices help make startups more stable, secure, and save on time and money.

The problem with traditional anonymisation

Synthetic data: A new frontier for data science

Now with the GDPR in effect, businesses have to be careful about protecting data. Traditional anonymisation often isn’t truly anonymous, and ultimately individuals can be identifiable. One way of adding an extra level of sophisticated anonymisation to data is introducing synthetic data. In this article, find out what synthetic data is and how it can be used.

Gazing into the future of app development

Is Flutter the future of Android app development in 2023?

Have a look into the crystal ball: What will the Android development landscape look like in 2023? Google’s Fuchsia promises huge functionality. One way of getting a leg up and preparing for the future is learning Flutter and Dart. Find out how Flutter can help you be a better Android developer and what the app development revolution will look like.

...and more service mesh offerings

Anypoint Service Mesh: New platform for microservices management

Service meshes offer users a way to control different parts of an application and how they share data with one another. MuleSoft, an integration platform for SOA, SaaS, and APIs, announced its newest product, Anypoint Service Mesh. Check this new offering out, what some of its features are, as well as a few other service meshes available and some additional reading for learning more.

This month's additions

VS Code 1.39: September release adds workbench and UI updates

The latest update of Visual Studio Code is here: version 1.3.9. This month adds some visual and UI improvements, CSS color variables preview, text selection shown in minimap, new custom working directories, and much more. As an added bonus, check out some of the best-looking community added themes that we saw this month.

Shifting to full stack

What you need to know about becoming a full stack developer

Many companies now prefer to hire full stack developers. Whether you are a back end developer, or a front end developer looking to make the move to full stack, the switch can seem daunting. In this article, Ronita Mohan gives a few tips and explains what you will need to learn before making the switch to full stack developer in your career.

Tutorial: Setting up a CI/CD pipeline

CI/CD for Spring Boot Microservices: Part 1

How can you get started with Continuous Integration with Spring Boot? In this tutorial, learn how Continuous Integration and Delivery will help you test and prepare a Java app for Docker. This is part one of a tutorial series by Tomas Fernandez. By the end of this article, you will have set up your first CI/CD pipeline and know all about it!

Data-powered solutions

How will AI impact the e-commerce industry?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing many industries, including e-commerce. This article examines some of the biggest trends in e-commerce that have appeared thanks to the growing use of AI technologies. Using these technologies can set your enterprise ahead of the competition and give you the edge you need.

Tools of the trade

4 tools that solve 4 problems of remote work

More and more programmers have begun working remotely. There’s a lot of benefits to remote work, for both employee and employer. However, when it comes to downsides, it can be difficult to find the right solutions. In this article, find out some commonly-encountered remote work problems and 4 tools that hold the solution.

The state of web development

Why JavaScript is so essential to modern development

Love it, hate it, or neutral on it, JavaScript has had a big hand in making the web what it is today. What makes JavaScript such an essential language to modern web programming? In this article, go through a brief history of JavaScript’s creation, its competition, and some of its drawbacks in modern programming.

Tips from tech giants

What Twitter and Facebook can teach us about machine learning

What lessons can Twitter and Facebook teach us about machine learning? These tech giants provide some ‘what to do’s, and even some ‘what not to do’s. Keep these important tips and practices in mind in order to improve your business model. Make sure you don’t forget about the end users’ experience and strive towards the best result.