Sarah Schlothauer

Sarah Schlothauer
Sarah Schlothauer is the editor for She received her Bachelor's degree from Monmouth University, West Long Branch, New Jersey. She currently lives in Frankfurt, Germany with her husband and cat where she enjoys reading, writing, and medieval reenactment. She is also the editor for Conditio Humana, an online magazine about ethics, AI, and technology.

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Making the next-generation voice assistant

How a Data API Enables the MeetKai Next-Generation Voice Assistant

To be the next-generation voice assistant, you need to be a concierge that truly understands your user’s preferences, learns them, and keeps track of context for personalized results. How do you keep track of preferences and other relevant activities such as recent searches?

Practice problem prevention

The 7 tenets of serverless data

As the industry moves towards DevOps, full-stack, and Serverless, there is a responsibility for the application team to do everything. Every data service will now start to claim serverless. Let’s explore the seven tenets of serverless data and hopefully provide some guidance about data in a serverless architecture.

Accelerate your security efforts

Addressing software security for financial services in 2021

While financial services organisations have historically been strong when it comes to employing application security testing tools, more can be done to accelerate efforts and make these continuous. So what specific steps can be taken by companies in this space to address security in the software they create for the remainder of 2021, and how will this benefit them long term?

Top DevOps insights

10 Benefits of CI/CD for your DevOps Journey

Your CI/CD pipeline is essential to the DevOps transformation and offers many benefits. Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute, asked speakers and sponsors participating in CI/CD SKILup Day, as well as DevOps Institute Ambassadors to provide their insights on the top benefits of CI/CD.

A Cookbook Written by Test Automation Experts

Finding the Recipe for Test Automation Challenges with the Automation Cookbook

It should be easier to find answers to basic questions, but for testers working with automation, there hasn’t really been a go-to resource for this. The Automation Cookbook, a new test automation resource, aims to solve this issue for the engineering community. The Automation Cookbook is filled with individual bite-sized video recipes that solve specific problems testers might be having at any given moment.

5 Steps to Take to Advance Your Career

Move Up from Development Engineer to Team Manager

Do you want to become a manager? Making the switch requires a new perspective, an understanding of the market, and new skills. If you’re a development engineer who wants to move up to a management position, here are five steps you can take to make the transition easier.

Factors to keep in mind

Server-Side Rendering vs. Client-Side Rendering: Your Complete Guide

Server-side rendering is like getting a pre-assembled solution, while client-side rendering is like receiving a dismantled product that you have to assemble yourself. This article explores different factors to keep in mind when comparing server-side rendering and client-side rendering.

Interview with Jeff Williams, CTO and Co-founder at Contrast Security

“Observability is critical to security”

Jeff Williams, CTO and Co-founder at Contrast Security, spoke to us about the newest State of Application Security in Financial Services Report. Read his insights on the importance of observability, how false positives affect security, and the best practices we should all take.

Team structure

The structure of a software development team

In this article, you will learn about how both traditional and agile software development teams are structured. Learn about the three different approaches to team structure, their positives and negatives, and discover how to find out if your team is working well with your product.

Are you up to the challenge?

Call for Code – a hackathon unlike any other

Built on open source principles, the Call for Code Global Challenge asks developers and problem solvers to form teams and develop solutions that address specific problems in unique, clearly demonstrable ways. The most successful solutions are those deemed to have the greatest community impact with the smallest technological footprint.

Improve your security know-how

4 Common Software Security Development Issues & How to Fix Them

As software has become the backbone of modern business, cyberattacks have become an ever-present threat, making application security a critical necessity to ensure business continuity. This article examines four commonly found software security development issues and how to address them.