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Help your projects pass with flying colors with these helpful open source tools

Top 5 Java testing tools

Testing, testing! This integral part of the development process is often given short shrift. Today, we’re taking a look at five of our favorite open source Java testing tools for unit tests, requirement tests, automated UI tests, and more!

TIOBE Index for March 2019

PowerShell swims into the TIOBE 50

Even the TIOBE Index is feeling the doldrums of March. Not much has changed this month on the popular index, as Java continues to hold on to the #1 spot, PowerShell swims into the top 50 again, and Go stumbles a few spots.

5 less than K8s

Kubernetes for IoT gets lighter than ever with k3s

Kubernetes is looking lighter than air with this extremely lightweight distribution. k3s boasts an absolutely tiny binary, weighing in at less than 40 MB. Plus, you only need 512 MB of RAM to run it, making this a perfect distribution for Edge, IoT, or ARM computing!

Go faster than ever with these runtime improvements

Go 1.12 is a go for runtime improvements, module support, and more!


Spring is in the air and it’s time to check on our favorite Gopher! Go 1.12 is here; what does this update bring? Significant runtime improvements, more module support, some depreciated tools, and as always, backwards compatibility.

SAP's long history of support for the JVM

Sweet SapMachine and the OpenJDK

With SapMachine, SAP is supporting a friendly fork of the OpenJDK for developers looking to utilize cutting edge technology with their SAP applications. In this article, Volker Simonis explains SAP’s long history of supporting JVM development and goes over the features of SapMachine.

Getting on the bleeding Edge with Eclipse ioFog

Eclipse ioFog: Real world patterns for the edge

Edge computing is poised to become a major tech trend in the future. As the global IT infrastructure transforms, developers will need need new approaches. Farah Papaioannou goes over these new patterns for the Edge and how developers can utilize Eclipse ioFog to remotely deploy secure microservices to Edge computing devices.