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Containers make everything better

How Kubernetes improves IT’s operational efficiency

Containers are particularly useful for managing an increasing amount of applications. However, managing the containers themselves requires help. That’s where Kubernetes comes in. Scott Sanders explains why it might be beneficial to adopt Kubernetes and improve your IT operational efficiency.

Kubernetes begins: A brief history of Kubernetes

Kubernetes has spearheaded the revolution in container management in the past few years. But this open source project almost never saw the light of day. How did this container manager go from a top secret at Google to one of the biggest projects on GitHub in less than five years?

The intersection of performance and speed

Top 5 IDEs and code editors for Node.js

Our IDE series continues with Node.js. This week, we’re celebrating the open source JavaScript runtime for building scalable network applications. Here are five of our favorite IDEs and text editors for Node.js!

We want you… to maintain your documentation properly.

The dos and don’ts of keeping a changelog

Is your documentation up to date? If you’ve been putting off updating your changelog, you’re not alone. A new initiative from Keep a Changelog encourages developers to be kind and stop dumping git logs into changelogs.

Crossing the divide from theory to reality

Studio.ML bridges the gap between data scientists & DevOps engineers

There are a number of issues that arise when data scientists and ML researchers meet DevOps to try to deploy, audit, and maintain state-of-the-art AI models in a production and commercial environment. Peter Zhokhov and Arshak Navruzyan discuss a new open source software tool called Studio.ML, which offers a number of solutions to this problem.

You’ll smile at all of these options

Top 5 IDEs and text editors for React

Our IDE series continues with React! This popular JavaScript library powers some of the most widely used code across the internet. We take a look at 5 of our favorite IDEs and text editors.

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Theia trivia?

Our programming quiz series continues! This week, we’re celebrating Theia, the cloud and desktop IDE for TypeScript as Akos Kitta tests your knowledge about this development platform.

Go build wasm apps!

Using Go for WebAssembly applications

Go 1.11 is almost here and finally, Go supports WebAssembly. Are you ready for it? In this article, Sebastian Holstein explains how developers can use Go as a language for WASM applications.