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Chaos Monkey comes to Spring Boot

Cry havoc and let slip the monkeys of chaos! Chaos engineering comes to Spring Boot with a bang. Is your Spring Boot project ready to be tested by the simian army of doom? Find out now!

I volunteer as tribute

Jakarta EE is looking for a few good people

Java EE may be gone, but Jakarta EE is just getting started. And part of that is filling all those vacant seats on various steering committees. Do you have what it takes to become a leading voice for Jakarta EE? Nominations are now open!

Most forked projects

Top 5 most popular Java projects on GitHub

What kind of projects are we working on? We took a look at the top 5 most popular Java projects on GitHub to see what everyone is excited about. From Mockitos to Guava, there are a lot of delicious projects getting forked on GitHub.

Simplifying ViewChild and ContentChild in Angular

ViewChild and ContentChild are two very important features of Angular that are used to access Child Component in the Parent Component. In this tutorial, Dhananjay Kumar explains how you can use them for component communication in Angular.

It makes Java development more appealing

Manifold: Alien technology

Manifold is out of this world: this framework allows developers to dynamically and seamlessly extend Java’s type system. In this article, Scott McKinney explores how the Manifold framework makes Java development more appealing and productive.