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Gotta pay attention to the terminal

Why we still use command line interface tools

Command line tools are surprisingly more relevant for developers than you’d expect. In this article, Piotr Gaczkowski goes over why we still use command line interface tools and how they work. Also, he discusses some of the essential CLI tools you need to know as well as some that are just for fun.

Doctor's orders

5 reasons to use RxJava in your projects

Are you ready to use reactive extensions in your code? Today, RedWerk explains how developers can utilize RxJava without needing a prescription. Take advantage of its features to use aysnchronous streams, a functional approach, easy caching, and more!

The rules and regulations for collaborative Eclipse development

Collaborative specification development for the Eclipse Foundation

Collaboration is key for an open source project’s success. In this article, Wayne Beaton of the Eclipse Foundation explains four basic ground rules that help developers collaborate productively. After all, developing isn’t just coding, it’s working together to create something great.

Why some developers haven't taken the plunge

Adopting Jakarta EE

Jakarta EE’s official launch is here! Have you made the switch? In this article, Edwin Derks explores three of the most common reasons why some developers haven’t moved on over and explains why Jakarta EE is worth the effort.

Moving forward towards Jakarta EE milestones

Jakarta EE 9: 2019 Outlook

As Java EE moves into the Eclipse Foundation, it’s important to keep an eye on various milestones along the way. Today, Arjan Tijms of Payara explains how the transfer is going and explores some of the proposals for future EE releases.

Maybe the real treasure was the pull requests we closed along the way!

How to successfully maintain an open source project

Getting your project up and running is only the beginning. How can developers make sure their hard-coded open source project will succeed? Here are some tips, tricks, and lessons learned for making sure your project is a total success.

Sing louder and improve your search analytics

How to supercharge Elasticsearch with Siren

Search has evolved from information retrieval into big data analytics. In this article, Giovanni Tummarello explains how you can improve your search analytics with Siren for data visualization, joins across backends, and more!

Getting things sorted whether they are coming or going

Incoming and outgoing references in Eclipse MAT

Got memory issues? Worried about your heap dump analysis? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explains how you can solve memory issues for heap dump analysis with Eclipse MAT by checking your incoming and outgoing references.