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Bringing Eclipse to the Internet of Things with Tahu

Eclipse Tahu

Sparkplug specification is getting an Eclipse update with Tahu! This project is designed to bring MQTT specifications under the Eclipse umbrella. Here, Wes Johnson explores the scope of Eclipse Tahu, its architecture, and where this interesting project is going in the future.

Serverless will play a big part in the future of cloud native development

Straight to serverless: Leapfrogging turtles all the way down

Cloud native technologies are no longer bleeding edge buzzwords that we all expect to learn more about in the coming months and years, they are here now and they are here to stay. Oracle’s Jesse Butler takes us on a journey to serverless island!

Save money by getting rid of wasted space

How much memory is my application wasting?

Back in the old days of floppy disks and dial up, we had to be very conscious of our memory usage. In these days of cloud storage and terabyte storage, not so much. However, Ram Lakshmanan explains how you can trim the wasted space from your applications and ensure that your apps are efficient as possible

A next-gen web-based diagramming framework

Eclipse Sprotty: Diagrams in the web

Instead of using a cross-compiler or existing framework, why not try Eclipse Spotty for your web-based diagramming framework needs? In this article, Jan Köhnlein introduces this new Eclipse project and explores how developers can add modern diagrams to their web apps with minimal effort.

A highly customizable software production line from Eclipse

Eclipse OSBP: The first Eclipse software factory

Never again worry about loose ends when you’re weaving code. Eclipse OSBP, the open source software factory, helps you to tailor enterprise-level applications fast and easily. You can use it to go no-code, low-code and full-code. And you switch to and fro between these modes in the same project. In this article, Christopher Loetz shows how to make the machine work for you.

Pull out your library card and get your bookmarks ready!

Spotlight on libraries: Top 5 open source libraries for Kotlin

We’ve already gone over our favorite IDEs and text editors for Kotlin, now we’re taking a look at libraries! In honor of the recently released Kotlin 1.3, today we’re going to explore some of our favorite libraries to really extend our use of Kotlin.

Theia 101

The busy RCP developer’s guide to Eclipse Theia

Ever think about trying Eclipse Theia? Theia is an extensible platform built to support the development of full-fledged, multi-language, cloud & desktop IDE-like products. Sven Efftinge gives a general overview to the platform as well as some new features developers can expect in Eclipse Theia.