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Setting up a smart forum app using Google Cloud AI [Tutorial]

Are you ready to use Google Cloud AI? This tutorial is based off a book by Arvind Ravulavaru called Google Cloud AI Services Quick Start Guide. Melisha Dsouza explains how you can utilize the power of Google Cloud AI to set up a project, installi dependencies, go through the code, and run the app.

Grab a wrench and get going!

Java 11: A new way to handle HTTP & WebSocket in Java!

Rest API calls are easy and breezy thanks to Java 11. In this article, Adrian D. Finlay explains how you can take advantage of new asynchronous API changes in Java 11 to perform a REST API call to handle HTTP and WebSocket operations.

Create apps without compromise

Cettia: A Java server for building real-time web apps

Solve tricky problems with WebSocket, JSON and switch statements with Cettia! This full-featured web app framework for Java allows developers to exchange events between the server and client in real-time. Cettia is now celebrating its 1.1 release!

Master all four elements to save your Vue apps

Live in harmony with Element, a Vue 2.0 based desktop UI library

Are your apps missing something fundamental? Element is a Vue 2.0-based component library aimed at giving developers consistency, efficiency, controlled consequences, and lots of operation feedback. Elements is logically sound, reasonably structured, and easy to use.

Giddy up

Git 2.19 is here!

Git 2.19 is here! The latest release comes with new features and all kinds of bug fixes. We take a look at what’s in store for developers.

Doctor's orders

5 reasons to use RxJava in your projects

Are you ready to use reactive extensions in your code? Today, RedWerk explains how developers can utilize RxJava without needing a prescription. Take advantage of its features to use aysnchronous streams, a functional approach, easy caching, and more!

Scalable reactive model transformations

What is Eclipse VIATRA?

Eclipse Viatra is a model query and transformation framework to efficiently move information back and forth between various documents and models. This overview looks at what’s new in Viatra 2.0 and how it can be used beyond the Eclipse Modeling Framework.

Choices, choices

Which are better for developers, IDEs or text editors?

It’s always best to choose the right tool for the right job. For developers, sometimes that means making a decision between IDEs and text editors. In this article, Kayla Matthews goes over the differences between these two tools and explains how developers can choose the best one for their projects.