Hartmut Schlosser

Hartmut Schlosser
Hartmut Schlosser is an editor for JAXenter and a specialist in Java Enterprise-Technologies, Eclipse & ALM, Android and Business Technology. Before working at S&S Media he studied Computer Science, Music, Anthropology and French Philology.


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The new agile Manager

Agile misunderstandings

Self-organisation does not come to be by itself alone. It requires goals, competencies, methods and patterns of cooperation. Every agile coach knows of this and many made the experience that one cannot take all these things for granted, but that they must provide the environment for it.

An interview with Marco Cantu, Delphi Product Manager

“Delphi development is still going strong”

Are you ready for EKON 22? This conference for Delphi innovations and fundamentals, IoT, web, and cloud technologies & more takes place this November in Dusseldorf. We talked to Marco Cantu about the current status of Delphi, how it has evolved, and what’s in store for this language in the future.

Interview with Shirin Glander and Uwe Friedrichsen

Deep Learning: It’s time to democratize technology

Deep learning is probably one of the hottest topics in the field of software development at the moment. We spoke with Shirin Glander and Uwe Friedrichsen, both giving an introduction into deep learning at JAX 2018, about such future prospects.

Services and stacks in the cluster

Continuous Deployment with Docker Swarm

In the DevOps environment, Docker can no longer be reduced only to a container runtime. An application that is divided into several microservices has greater orchestration requirements instead of simple scripts. For this, Docker has introduced the service abstraction Docker Swarm to help orchestrate containers across multiple hosts.

Is it that time again?

Java 10 is finally here! A closer look at the new features

Oracle delivers the new Java 10 just in time with the previously announced deadline. Those who expected big and groundbreaking changes will be disappointed, but there are still a lot of great new features. Falk Sippach, trainer, software developer and project manager at OIO Orientation at Objects GmbH, took a good look at those and will go here into further detail.

PWA jumpstart

A practical explanation of Progressive Web Apps

The ongoing debate over what appliance form is best suited for which app carries on. Should an app be a desktop application or would it work better if it were a web application? And developing for the mobile sector just adds complexity and heats up the debate. However, there is one type of application that everyone agrees on: Progressive Web Apps.

Mock the unmockable

Testing PHP code more efficiently

Quality code is highly valued in the PHP community. You’ll rarely find untested libraries on GitHub. Two problems that developers encounter again and again during testing are the handling of file operations, as well as testing built-in PHP functions such as time() or exec() on certain expectations. In this article, Tommy Mühle explains a few solutions for such cases.