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Gabriela Motroc
Gabriela Motroc is an online editor for Before working at S&S Media she studied International Communication Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.


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Expect more real action to protect privacy

What’s coming in 2018: Digital privacy and security predictions

Organizations in 2018 will have greater capabilities to decentralize information need, through both blockchain- and non-blockchain-based solutions. In this article, Joe Stuntz, Vice President of Cybersecurity at One World Identity (OWI) gives his digital privacy and security predictions.

Interview with Guy Podjarny, CEO and co-founder of Snyk

“Release notes are a good place to provide details about a vulnerability, but a poor choice for notifying users about it”

Snyk‘s latest report titled The State of Open Source Security emphasized the importance of the overall security of open source. We’ve previously suggested that you should be mindful about where your code is coming from but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use open source code. We talked with Guy Podjarny, CEO and co-founder of Snyk about all this and more.

Tips & tricks

Running a successful open source project

Managing an open source project isn’t as easy as it sounds. A successful open source project is more than just making the source code available. In this article, Wayne Beaton and Gunnar Wagenknecht explain how you can make your open source project a runaway success.

Interview with Greg Luck, CEO of Hazelcast

Hazelcast joins Eclipse Foundation: “There is interest in adding JCache support to MicroProfile”

Hazelcast has officially joined the Eclipse Foundation. Given their work on Eclipse MicroProfile and the fact that Oracle has moved stewardship of Java EE technologies to the Foundation, Hazelcast felt it was the right time to become even more involved. We talked with Greg Luck, the CEO of Hazelcast about their primary focus, the future of the open source Enterprise Java and more.

The journey so far

containerd reaches its 1.0 milestone

containerd, an industry-standard runtime for building container solutions, has just reached its 1.0 milestone — that’s one year after Docker open-sourced it to make sure it receives the attention it deserves. Some of the performance improvements include the creation of a stress testing system, improvements in garbage collection and shim memory usage.

Interview with Claire Maynard, Head of Product Marketing for Bitbucket Cloud at Atlassian

“Bitbucket Deployments sits next to users’ source code and is configured with a single line of code”

With the newly-launched Bitbucket Deployments, there’s no need to set up and maintain a separate deployment tool, or scroll through unrelated builds in your CI service to analyze deployments. We talked with Claire Maynard, Head of Product Marketing for Bitbucket Cloud at Atlassian about Bitbucket Deployments and how it brings visibility into all steps of software release process.

What it is, what it's not, and what you can do with it

Blockchain: A technical primer

Gather around and I’ll tell you the story of blockchain! In this article, Greg Brady, founder and CEO of Tranquility Halo explains what blockchain is and how to put it to good use. Kepp in mind though: even though Bitcoin and the Blockchain are intertwined, as long as the Bitcoin ecosystem continues to roar away, you can use the Blockchain to write anything down forever.

This is how it's gonna be

JDK 10: What we know so far

“This scheme will often define version numbers that are not much different from what the JEP 223 scheme would have defined,” Mark Reinhold wrote in a message to the OpenJDK mailing list announcing JEP 322. That said, let’s see how they fixed one of users’ biggest problems, namely to [easily] figure out how old a release is.