Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou is an editor for Just finished her masters in Modern East Asian Studies and plans to continue with her old hobby that is computer science.


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Everything you need to be prepared

The sunset of Python 2: What do IT leaders need to know?

Support for Python 2 will be cut off in 2020 and some may have already been feeling the pain! What are the next steps? How can you start preparing for migration to Python 3? In this article, Bart Copeland has some handy advice.

Culture is everything

The secret to DevOps secrets management

Speed, velocity, resiliency – all three are crucial elements in DevOps and they do not need to be sacrificed in order to be secure. Regardless, a cultural foundation needs to be stabilized by breaking down certain silos. In this article, Brian Kelly explains how you can achieve that.

All you need to know

3 tips for serverless success in 2019

Are you looking into serverless adoption? In this article, Richard Seroter of Pivotal shares 3 tips on what should you do in 2019 before you start using serverless products.

The fight for performance – Is reactive programming the right approach?

Reactive programming promises higher performance of Enterprise Java applications with lower memory requirements. This promise is achieved by avoiding blocking calls that always lead to process and context switches in the operating system. Such context switches have a high CPU and memory overhead, which, of course, is reduced by fewer of such switches. However, this performance gain of reactive programming comes at the price of poorer maintainability of the software. But is the higher performance worth the price and what are the alternatives? Let’s take a closer look at this in this article.

Meeting the 2019 DevOps influencers

“I caution against assuming that tools are the key to a successful transition to a DevOps culture”

Who are the most influential DevOps people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every DevOps enthusiast or pro should be following. In the second part of our DevOps influencers interview series, we talk to Mike D. Kail, CTO at, as he shares his thoughts on DevOps culture, tooling, as well as the next evolutionary steps for the DevOps ecosystem!

Breaking news

Chef announced its full commitment to open source

Chef, the Continuous Automation software provider announced its shift from a mix of open source and proprietary software business plan to fully committing to open source. Let’s have a look at what we know so far. Also, let us know your thoughts on this breaking news in the poll at the end of this article.