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The importance of speed and storage

Why computing infrastructure must change

Many databases today are based on the traditional relational database models which are unable to compete with the increasing influx of unstructured data that companies are dealing with. And, as society becomes more and more digital, technology is granting workers access to information across several platforms anytime, anywhere: in the cloud, on premise, via mobile channels, by people and even by machines.

Flex on Java

Together, Flex and Java make a powerful web development platform—they blend the strengths of Java on the server with the […]

Pro Android Best Practices

Today’s Android Market is flush with quality apps, but it also has a number of buggy and under-performing apps that […]

Spring Integration in Action

Spring Integration is a Java-based enterprise integration framework that provides a lightweight alternative to more traditional ESBs. By merging the […]

Agile ALM

Many software projects fail unnecessarily because of unclear objectives, redundant and unproductive work, cost overruns, and a host of other […]

Programming Android

Android has not only created a vibrant new market for mobile apps, it’s also generating a new culture of interactive […]

Cloud Computing Bible

The complete reference guide to the hot technology of cloud computingIts potential for lowering IT costs makes cloud computing a […]

Debasish Ghosh

DSLs in Action

Concepts and definitions for building domain specific languages.

Arnaud Cogoluegnes, Thierry Templier, Andy Piper

Spring Dynamic Modules in Action

The fundamental concepts of OSGi-based apps, mapped to the ideas of the Spring framework.