Perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand

The downsides of perfectionism in software development

Is perfectionism holding you back? As a part of the modern workforce, developers, more often than not, have to switch between tasks or work on multiple projects simultaneously. Taking into account the high demand of the industry, it is understandable, why multitasking is needed to piece the project together in time for the release date.

Setting up Jakarta mail

Tutorial: How to send emails from your Java app

Did you know that your Java app can be integrated with any available SMTP server to send emails? This tutorial goes over how to send emails via your Java app, from setting it up, to building messages, to sending them with Gmail SMTP. Jakarta Mail (previously called Java Mail) can send and receive HTML emails, even with attachments and images.

That's why Kublr built it into their platform from day ONE

True reliability requires self-healing nodes and infrastructure management

Even the best Kubernetes management solution cannot save you from bad infrastructure provisioning. You can’t achieve true self-healing applications if you don’t have a self-healing infrastructure. Find out what self-healing Kubernetes can and cannot do and how Kublr provides fully self-healing clusters, including master and worker nodes.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: GitHub repos to be thankful for in November 2019

Another month has passed, and that means it’s time to collect our favorite GitHub repos and explore some of the coolest, most impressive, or most interesting projects that we found. In November, we took a look at a privacy-first home automation tool powered by Python 3, a way to use VS Code on the go, a JavaScript library for making intuitive, easy flowcharts, and a few more goodies.

Full steam ahead!

Reactive programming with SQL databases: R2DBC 0.8 released

R2DBC 0.8 is now generally available. R2DBC (Reactive Relational Database Connectivity) is an open initiative that connects reactive programming with SQL databases. The R2DBC working group worked for almost two years before releasing its first version of the specification. Read about the motivation behind R2DBC and its current state.

Couldn't make it to DevOpsCon 2019 in Munich? Read up on the keynote here

DevOpsCon 2019 has started – “Give up on the idea of control”

DevOpsCon 2019 has started! With a look at the DevOps status quo, program chair Sebastian Meyen opened the conference for DevOps inspiration and innovation. In the following keynote, Damon Edwards talked about the changing role of Operations and how now, either directly or indirectly, we are all a part of Operations.

Personalizing city experiences

Artificial intelligence & machine learning: The brain of a smart city

In this article, explore how a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning can act as the brains of a smart city while simultaneously considering how a smart city experience can become more personalized without compromising the privacy of its residents. Read on to see what the advantages and disadvantages of an ML and AI-powered smart city are.

The future of AI

Why computational neuroscience and AI will converge

Neural networks have peaked in their ability to deliver effective and meaningful results. There are four big developments that will happen with AI. A crossover with computational neuroscience will happen soon. What will be the impact of this crossover? There will be an increasing focus on how AI algorithms interact with one another.

How to focus on what you value most

Does digital minimalism have a place in a developer’s life?

What is digital minimalism? Is digital use taking too much time of our busy lives? Being mindful of how you spend your time using digital devices may be productive for developers. This article examines ways to help become more mindful of wasting time on social media notifications, checking emails, or scrolling endlessly out of boredom.

Weighing development methods

Test-driven Java development vs. traditional testing: Comparative study

What are the pros and cons of traditional testing and test-driven development? While traditional testing requires a lot of time and money, using TDD results in faster and cleaner code. Although, TDD requires learning new developer skills. This article examines the two methods and how Java software developers should utilize them.

Making a disaster recovery plan

Data recovery: What matters when disaster hits

Did you know: Almost percent of small businesses never reopen following a natural disaster. All businesses, large and small, should have a data recovery plan in case disaster hits, whether that disaster is a flood or accidentally deleting critical code. Here’s what to anticipate when disaster strikes, and how to start preparing a solid recovery plan.

To generate code or not: That is the question.

In Focus: Code Generation

There are several occasions when you will need to generate code during development. Find out when to generate your own code, what code redundancy is, and when code generation can happen in different cases. In this article, you will also get an overview about Java::Geci, a library for generating Java code in the middle of the compilation, deployment, and execution life cycles.