Lifting up junior team members

Leading your team of young developers: 5 tips for helping them grow within their careers

In order for junior developers to succeed, ultimately it is the responsibility of the current team leads to pass on the skills they have. Giving your developers a leg up and teaching them on the job is a sure way to help cultivate them and lead them towards success. Learn how to adapt new skills and have an agile team that not only adds company value but reaches their personal potential.

Where do we go from here?

AIOps in 2020: How industry consolidation is transforming the AIOps value proposition

Four years ago, Gartner coined the phrase AIOps as an approach to the issue of IT service outages. Now in 2020, AIOps entered the enterprise in modern IT teams. Where do we go from here? Here is a quick overview of the different tools that enterprises have used to maintain and optimize their mission-critical IT services and a short history of AIOps buyouts.

Evolving security threats

Cybersecurity trends for 2020

Keeping your data and identity secure is more important than ever in 2020, and as tech evolves, it has also become more complicated than ever. How will cybersecurity evolve? Phishing isn’t just limited to email anymore, and your car’s built-in tech might become the source of data theft. Keep yourself secure and learn about what security experts think is yet to come.

Responding to cyberthreats

Modern Warfare: Cybersecurity on the Battlefield

Cybersecurity doesn’t just apply to your personal devices, it also is one of the biggest roles in modern warfare and cannot be ignored. Cyberwarfare is far from a theoretical threat. History has shown that the value of gaining access to privileged information and disrupting systems for political gain is more than enough motive to generate action from independent hacktivists, nation-states, and private organizations.

Untangling bad code

Pitfalls in designing the application’s business layer

Even the simplest software can sometimes tangle up into spaghetti code and become a nightmare to navigate, especially in legacy systems. In this article, view some bad code from an application’s business layer and how to fix it with better design practices. Take care of nightmare code before it becomes too much to handle with these small improvements.

The ethics of AI and ML

What data should AI be trained on to avoid bias?

Humans are introducing their own biases and prejudices into machine learning. As advanced as AI can be, having been built by humans, it can still share some of our own ethical shortcomings. The usage of proper databases during training is one of the ways to help prevent biases from developing within artificial intelligence.

Step by step interactive graphs

Python data visualization with Bokeh

Thanks to its usage in big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence libraries, Python has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past few years. Bokeh is an open source interactive data visualization library for Python that can be used in modern web browsers. Find out how to visualize your datasets using Bokeh by following these simple steps.

Role models, advice, and discussion

International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020: Raising up voices

February 11th is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, where worldwide, equality efforts are celebrated. Let us raise up the voices of some of our favorite women in tech and see what inspirational advice they have for other women, what challenges they have faced in their careers, who their current role models are, and what initially sparked their lifelong interest in tech.

How vendor lock-in can harm a company's green business plan

Cloud Computing and Carbon Footprint

Consider the following scenario: We are somewhere in the early 2020’s. As a result of a couple of viral tweets or a media report, your company’s carbon footprint suddenly becomes a public matter and maybe even a serious publicity issue. Management decides that it’s time to become more environmentally conscious by powering offices from renewable energy, buying electric company cars and by making attempts to establish remote working or cut down on business flights.

DevOps win-win

A DevOps Kong Diary

Kong is an API platform for multi-cloud and hybrid organizations, available as both FOSS and as an enterprise platform. Dennis Kelly, former senior DevOps engineer at Zillow Group, implemented Kong in the Trulia DevOps group. In this article, he recounts how they vetted Kong, what solutions it offered, and how it fundamentally changed their strategy.

Fully integrated Ivy, Lazy Loading components and localization

Angular 9 is here – Ivy, Lazy Loading and more

Angular 9 brings Ivy in a backwards compatible version and, as a result, smaller bundles. In addition, the I18N solution has been extensively revised and some corners have been rounded off. This provides new possibilities not only for the developer but also for future versions of Angular.

Classrooms go mobile

How to create a value-driving eLearning app

eLearning apps are redesigning the way people learn for fun and work, with added convenience and easy access to the platforms. Creating these apps is both science and art; they must have an attractive design, stay within budget constraints, and help transform difficult subjects into an easy-to-understand, engaging experience. Here is how to do it.