Is Early Retirement Feasible?

Addressing the Retirement Question as a Programmer

What should you be taking into account when looking at retirement from a programming career? Just because programmers choose to move away from full-time software engineering work, does this necessarily equate to full retirement? How can you stay in the game occasionally?

Achieving a bug free software factory

Accelerated code quality is the key to software’s new industrial revolution

The industrialization of the software industry might enable them to build code with less resources, but success can only be achieved if developers can figure out how to write code efficiently without sacrificing code quality in the process. Thanks to the power of early accelerated testing, Ponicode is able to increase developers’ productivity while also improving the quality of their code.

Develop the ideal direction

Kubernetes Cost Management: Challenges and Notable Tools

This article describes Kubernetes cost management challenges while highlighting select tools from among the market-leaders. Kubecost, Opsani, Rafay and StormForge provide prominent examples of the value standalone tools can bring to K8S cost efficiency and why you should consider investing in them.

Profile: Lilac Mohr, Interim VP of Engineering, Flow, Pluralsight

Women in Tech: “Never lose that sense of wonder”

Four years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Lilac Mohr, Interim VP of Engineering, Flow, at Pluralsight.

Innovations and growing markets

Java 2022: Predictions and Assumptions

The need to work from home and the inability to freely move around the world has stimulated the development of data security, cloud computing, big data, tools for remote work. The Java language and platform are still in demand and evolving. In this article, Alex Yelenevych is going to talk about what will influence the development of Java in 2022 and what to expect for developers of this language.

A new tool open-sourced by DataStax

Detecting performance regressions with open source Hunter

When developing new features of a complex, distributed, massively scalable software system, it is easy to accidentally degrade its performance, even despite being very careful. Regular code reviews, static code analysis, quality, and performance testing are not enough. In this post, we show how Hunter can be used to analyze thousands of performance metrics regularly and reliably flags performance changes.

Evolving from a pre-cloud mindset

Evolving Java Runtimes for a Cloud-Centric World

Java runtimes currently operate with a pre-cloud mindset that does not leverage or take advantage of modern cloud environments. Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) can be modernized with new approaches that assume the presence of a “magic cloud.” Cloud-native compilation is a key example of this new approach, with production-ready implementations already producing highly efficient and affordable code optimization.