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Application Server Platform Siwpas 2.0.0 Goes GA

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Spring Data JDBC Extensions 1.0.0 M2 released with Oracle Database support.

Siwpas 2.0.0 GA Released with Web Socket Protocol Support

The Siwpas application server platform for Java EE web applications, has announced its 2.0.0 GA release. Starting with this version, Siwpas supports Web Socket Protocol, and supports the clustering of Context and Dependency Injection, Managed Beans and Enterprise Java Beans. Siwpas is available in a Community Edition, and an Enterprise Edition. The Community edition of  Siwpas is licensed under LGPL version 3.


Apache HttpComponents HttpCore Fixes Critical Regression

Apache HttpComponents HttpCore version 4.1.3 is now GA! This emergency release fixes a critical regression that was introduced in version 4.1.2. This regression could cause non-blocking SSL sessions to fail to terminate correctly, if the opposite end shut down the connection without sending a ‘close notify’ message, thus causing an infinite loop in the I/O dispatch thread. It can be downloaded now.

HttpCore is a set of low level HTTP transport components, used to build custom client and server side HTTP services. It supports two I/O models: blocking I/O model based on the classic Java I/O and non-blocking, event driven I/O model based on Java NIO.


Apache Turbine 4.0 M1 Released

The Apache Turbine team have announced the first milestone of version 4.0, of their servlet-based framework. Apache Turbine 4.0 M1 adds YAAFI Avalon service container and the corresponding TurbineYaafiComponentService, and updates its dependencies: Commons Collections has been updated to 3.2.1, Commons Lang to 2.5, and Commons Email to 1.2. The project has also moved to Java 5 generics, and uses the Fulcrum components from Fulcrum version 3.0.0.
Please note that this version requires JDK 1.6 or higher to run.


Spring Data JDBC Extensions with Oracle Database Support

Version 1.0.0 M2 of Spring Data JDBC Extensions with Oracle Database support, has been released.

This project provides additional support for vendor-specific JDBC extensions, and new approaches to working with JDBC. It includes code ported from the “Advanced Pack for Oracle Database” SpringSource project, which was previously only available for support subscription customers. It features QueryDSL support and Advanced Querying support, which provides the option of using a single local transaction manager for both database and message access, without resorting to distributed 2-phase commit.

This milestone adds support for QueryDSL SQL module, QueryDslJdbcTemplate, SqlInsertWithKeyCallback and SqlDeleteCallback. It also fixes a JDBC connection leak that could occur on third-party JDBC pool when using Oracle AQ in combination with DefaultMessageListenerContainer, and sharing the connection from a local JDBC transaction. More information is available at the Release Notes.

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