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Google’s App Engine now supports Java 11

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Google’s App Engine standard environment Java 11 is now generally available. A managed serverless solution for Java 11 development that offers twice as much memory than the earlier Java 8 runtime at no extra cost. Let’s take a closer look.

Java 11

After the beta was announced in June this year, App Engine’s Java 11 standard environment has now entered general availability. Of course, this brings with it all the features of Java 11 such as advanced type inference with the var keyword, immutable collections and the HttpClient.

The App Engine allows users to develop using Java 11 without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Furthermore, for those who have a Java 11 project they want to migrate to the App Engine, if it can be started locally with java -jar app.jar, then it will run on App Engine standard environment Java 11 runtime.

App Engine

Google’s App Engine also gives users all the benefits and scalability of a fully managed serverless environment. From the announcement blog post:

With no additional work, you also get the benefits of the fully managed App Engine serverless platform. App Engine can transparently scale your application up to handle traffic spikes, and also scale it back down to zero when there’s no traffic. App Engine automatically updates your runtime environment with latest security patches to the operating system and the JDK, so you don’t have to spend time provisioning or managing servers, load balancer, or even any infrastructure at all!

You also get traffic splitting, request tracing, monitoring, centralized logging, and production debugger capabilities out of the box.

With the managed aspects out of the way, users can instead concentrate on the flexibility provided by the App Engine; they say “pretty much” everything works, so from Quarkus to Vert.x you have your pick of frameworks. Same goes for JVM languages and any Java application that uses the $PORT environment variable.

Eager to get started?

Google has set up a bunch of sample projects on GitHub to get you started with Spring Boot, Micronaut, Quarkus, Ktor and Vert.x, but if YouTube is more your cup of tea then there’s a video on how to deploy a Spring Boot application to the App Engine with Java 11:

For more information about App Engine Java 11, check out the announcement here.

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