Apache Tuscany SCA Java Version 1.6 Released


The Apache Tuscany team have released version 1.6 of the runtime environment based on the Service Component Architecture (SCA).

Project Tuscany SCA Java is based on the original SCA specifications first published at OSOA, which aim to simplify SOA application development. Version 1.6 includes implementations of the main SCA specifications including SCA Assembly Model V1.0; SCA Policy Framework V1.0 and SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs V1.0. It also includes implementations of some features not yet defined by SCA specifications. For example, SCA bindings for Direct Web Remoting, ATOM and RSS Feeds, HTTP resources,PUB/SUB Notifications, JSON-RPC and RMI.

Tuscany SCA Java supports a number of host-deployment options, including running with distributed nodes across multiple Java Virtual Machines, running standalone and running with embedded Jetty or Tomcat.

This release includes a number of bug-fixes, which can be viewed in full detail at the CHANGES file at the project website.


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